About The Teacher

NAME: Sandy Najaka, RN, MSN

SCHOOL: High School

CLASS: Grades 8-12

SCHOOL PHONE: 735-3931 Voice mail 735-8582 X395

About The Teacher

Hi everyone! I am registered as a Professional Registered Nurse in 
Pennsylvania by the Bureau of Professional Nurse Licensure, State Board of 
Nursing, Harrisburg, PA. I am also registered as a Certified School Nurse in 
Pennsylvania by the Department of Education. 

As a member of the school district's Health Care team, I am interested in 
working with the students,their families, and the community of the Greater 
Nanticoke Area. 

If you have any concerns about your child's health or the School Health 
Program, please call me at 570-735-3931 or leave me a message at 570-735-
8582. Select option 1 - EXT 395.