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The Lighthouse Program

LIU 18/CIU 20
Therapeutic After School Program

The Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 is working cooperatively with Colonial 
Intermediate Unit 20 to offer a Therapeutic After School Program to school-
aged children who would benefit from an emotional/behavioral structured after 
school environment.  The program format will integrate a behavioral 
management system with individual, small, and large group activities.  Some 
of the issues, which can be addressed in the After School Program, include 
social skill development, anger management skill development, transitional 
difficulties, depression, etc.  Other services and activities included within 
the program's daily schedule include recreational, art, dance/movement, and 
music activities, field trips, academic prepartation activities, 
(organizational skill and time management development), and community 
collaboration.  The program will provide all therapeutic, recreational, and 
administrative supplies.  The program's main focus will be on the behavioral 
and emotional needs of each child.

The After School Program will have a maximum of 10 students to two staff 
members in each program.  In addition to the two bachelor's level staff, the 
program will have the support of a master's level clinician who will oversee 
the day-to-day activities and treament modification of each child.  Children 
will be divided into two age groups to better meet their developmental, 
behavioral, and emotional needs.  

Hours of Operation:  2pm-5pm
Days of Operation:  Monday through Friday

These hours may be initially adjusted to accommodate the child's school day.  
Snacks will be provided during the weekday schedule.  Location of each After 
School Program site will be in close proximity to the child's home school 
district.  Transportation to and from the program will be specified at the 
final interagency meeting.

To qualify for the After School Program, the identified child must have 
present emotional and behavioral needs that interfere with their day-to-day 
functioning at school, home,and/or community.  Prior to entering the program, 
the child must have an active Medical Access (MA) insurance card, a recent 
psychiatric/psychological evaluation recommending the medical necessity of 
the After School Program, and an Interagency Meeting to determine service 
level (hours per week) and treatment goals.  If a child does not have a 
medical access card, but still meets the emotional/behavioral requirements of 
the program, a recent psychiatric/psychological evaluation can be taken to 
the Medical Assistance office to obtain an access card regardless of parent 

** A child could not receive two services such as partial hospitalization, 
provider 50 (mobile/TSS), or after school program at the same time.  
Referrals may come from parents, school faculty and administration, and 
community agencies.  

If you would like more information or would like to refer a child to the 
After School Program, please contact Dr. Lydia Brill at (570)733-1009 or 
Jennifer Runquest at (570) 760-4449.

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