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Pathways Partial Program

What is the Pathways Partial Hospitalization Program?

The GNA Partial Hospitalization Program is a school-based program that 
services elementary school children in need of mental health services.  The 
goal of the Partial Hospitalization Program is to increase the level of 
client functioning by providing mental health treatment for children and 
adolescents in a public school setting whose needs cannot be met in a 
traditional classroom setting.  The program operates six hours a day, Monday 
through Friday, according to the School District calendar it follows.  When 
school is not in session over the summer, the Partial Hospitalization Program 
runs three hours a day, three days a week.

Where is the Pathways Partial Program?

The Pathways Partial Program is located at K.M. Smith Elementary.

What Services does the Partial Provide?

The Partial Hospitalization Program offers the following services:
  *Psychiatric Evaluations
  *Psychiatric Consultation
  *Medication Managent
  *Individual Therapy
  *Group Therapy
  *Family Counseling
  *20 day Treatment Review Meetings
  *Behavior Management and Programming
  *Case Management
  *Psychological Evaluation
  *Psychological Consultation
  *Therapeutic Recreation
  *Implementation of Individual Education Programming (IEP and 504 Plans)
  *Transition Services

What Treatment Modalities Are Used?

The Partial Hospitalization Program utilizes Solution Focused Therapy as its 
treatment modality.  Additionally, the Partial Hospitalization Program 
implements an anti-violence prevention curriculum titled "Second Step."  It 
is a curriculum that was designed to increase social skills and reduce 
violence amongs young people.  It teaches problem solving techniques and 
other skills intended to guide clients through a process of understanding 
interpersonal conflicts, other people's feelings,and points of view.  Second 
Step assists young people in thinking through a problem, utilizing anger 
management skills, and applying new skills in real life situations.

How does a child get referred to the Partial Program?

The Partial Hospitalization Program services elementary, middle school, and 
high school aged children that are in need of mental health services.  
Children eligible for the Partial Program will have current behavioral or 
emotional needs that impede their day-to-day functioning at school, home, 
and/or community.  This service may be provided to clients with chronic or 
acute mental disorders who require active treatment.  Clients eligible will 
need to have a current psychiatric diagnosis and active medical assistance 
card.  Children referred to the program may be at risk of inpatient 
hospitalization, detention, residental, school expulsion, etc.  If you are 
interested in placing a referral, please contact Mrs. Lydia Brill at 733-1009 
or the Luzerne Intermediate Unit #18 Behavioral Health Office at 825-3928.

How many staff are there at the Partial?

Each Partial Program site has a 4:15 staff to student ratio.  This includes a 
full-time Special Education Teacher, Associate Teacher, Mental Health Worker, 
and Mental Health Treatment Specialist.  A psychiatrist offrs psychiatric 
evaluations, psychiatric consultation, and medication management on a weekly 

*Referrals are available online, for teachers, on Mrs. Lydia Brill's website 
under the Photos/Docs section.

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