This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents.
  1. What is Hot Dog Day?
  2. How do I get involved in HSA activities?
  3. What is the cartridge/cell phone fundraiser?
  4. What is the Gift Card Program?

What is Hot Dog Day?

Home & School sponsors one hot dog day during the school year, during Catholic Schools Week. On hot
dog day, each student will receive a hot dog (they can order two), chips, and a drink during lunch.
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How do I get involved in HSA activities?

You can volunteer for various committees.  Check the HSA website 
for a description of each committee and if anything interests you
email us at www.hsa@holyfamilyaston.org and someone will contact
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What is the cartridge/cell phone fundraiser?

The cartridge/cell phone program is very easy.  All that you have 
to do is bring any empty ink cartridges or old cell phones up to
school and place them in the plastic bins outside of school
(Donnelly Avenue). We box them up and send them off to be recycled and the school gets
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What is the Gift Card Program?

This is how the Supermarket/Gift Card Program works

* You purchase gift cards through your rectory to the supermarket or store of your choice. Participating stores accept the gift cards as cash.

* You spend the gift cards exactly like money (dollar for dollar).

* Your parish earns 5% rebate on Supermarket gift card purchases and passes 2½% of your total purchases onto you in the form of a rebate. The percentages earned from your purchases of the
other gift cards differ from store to store. The percentage you receive is shown on the order form.

* You can receive your rebate in one of two ways:

* Receive your rebate in supermarket gift cards to your favorite store

* As tuition credit.

Supermarkets who participate:

* Acme

* Giant

* Pathmark

* Shop Rite

Retail stores who participate

* See order form for list of participating stores

Process to purchase Supermarket/Gift Cards:

* Fill out order form

* If purchasing both Supermarket gift cards and Retailer gift cards - separate checks are needed. Separate checks are needed because we order cards from two different companies.

* Please make checks payable to your parish. If your parish does not offer a Scrip Program, then you may go through St. Joseph Parish www.stjosephaston.org for tuition reimbursement ONLY.

* Purchases are non-returnable.

Gift Cards are available for purchase in the rectory. Please call your rectory or check their website to find out their hours of operation.

Don’t forget the NEW Prepaid Special Order form we now have for your convenience. The stores and restaurants on this form we do not carry on a regular basis,
so they must be prepaid and pre-ordered. Check it out!

This is a simple method to support your church on your everyday basic needs. All of us as individuals and families purchase food and other items at various stores every day.
We hope that more of you will join with those who already purchase supermarket and gift cards. Every time you make purchases through these programs the parish receives
income that will help address the financial needs of our church and parish community. There is no added cost on your part in using supermarket or gift cards. The
benefit of your participation is that you, on a regular basis, will be contributing to your parish and also working towards a rebate for yourself.

Try It – You Will Like It

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