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Holy Name Lunch Program 2015-2016

Dear Parents,

This year Holy Name cafeteria has a new Lunch Account Program. Each student will be presented with a pin number they will need to enter into a pin pad each time they eat breakfast or lunch at school. This pin number will follow each child throughout their years at Holy Name School. . It is very important that each child memorizes their pin number. By doing so this will help the serving of lunch to run quick and smooth. For the time being, teachers will hand out a card to the students with their name and pin number on it, then collect the cards after lunch. This will only take place for a short time. Information has been sent home on how to access lunch accounts. When sending funds in for lunch accounts, it would be appreciated if you would send it in an envelope, with your child’s full name and homeroom number on the front of the envelope. If you have more than one child you may send one check and note on the envelope how you would like the check distributed. Please do not include lunch money with tuition or any other payments for the school. The ID# the students have used over the past years is no longer used.

Please pay in advance for your child’s lunches. Parents are able to either send lunch money to school with a child or make payments on line. Prices are $2.50 per day for paid lunch and $.40 for reduced lunch. This would be either $12.50 for paid, or $2.00 for reduced, per week respectively. Breakfast is $1.25 per day for paid and .30 for reduced. You may send in any amount at any time. Calls will be made on Fridays if your child has a low lunch balance or has a negative balance. No child will be refused a lunch if their account is in the negative. If a negative balance of $30.00 is reached, your child will have to order PB & J lunch until their account is paid in full. Please remember that if your child is in the negative, and you only pay the amount that is due, the next time your child has lunch their account will be in the negative again. This is why it is a good idea to pay ahead.

Any student that qualifies for the free lunch program is entitled to one breakfast and one lunch per day. If free or reduced lunch students order additional ala carte items, they are charged full price for Ala carte items.

Your child has a choice of four different lunches each day. We offer regular lunch, salad, pb&j or alternate lunch. Check the monthly menu for choice of the alternate items offered each week. The alternate lunch includes the sandwich along with a fruit, vegetable, milk, and a dessert if offered on the menu. Extras are not included in the price of the lunch.

Your child is able to order extras any day. Students must inform their teacher in the morning that they would like to order extras. If your child packs for the day, but would like an item on the menu they can order when their teacher asks in the morning. The teachers have an ala carte paper they fill out each morning for students ordering extras. A ala carte price list has been sent home. When we have a dessert on the menu, your child is only permitted to order one extra. Please inform your child/children if they pack and want to buy milk they must come see Mrs. Stewart or the lunch person running the cash register, so they can deduct this from their account. Kindergarten students are not offered the student salad lunch or extras. We find that the choice of regular, alternate or PB&J lunch works best for them.

If your child will be tardy you may call their lunch in before 8:45am. Any student arriving after 9am will not be given meal choices or extras, because meals have been ordered. They will be served regular lunch for the day, unless a parent calls in by 8:45am.

Please send additional funds to have in the lunch account for any extras your child would order, or for those whose children who pack and would like to buy milk. The extras are deducted from their lunch accounts. Students that are packing and buying milk or any other ala carte items must enter the lunch line with their classmates, so the cashier is able to charge their account. We do not take any cash at the lunch line. It must be given to their teacher in the morning or brought to the office.

If your child is lactose intolerant they may buy fruit juices with a Doctors release, water is offered free of charge every day.

If your child has any food allergies please fill out the Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the school Nutrition Programs form sent home. In order for any changes to be made this form must be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian, or a recognized medical authority (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner)

Any questions pertaining to the lunch program feel free to contact Mrs. Stewart either in the cafeteria (472-7200) or in the school office (472-8817).

Thank You,

Mrs. Stewart

Summer Lunch Information 2015-2016

Although Holy Name School does not offer a free meal via Summer Food Service Program you can reference for available sites for this program in the local area.



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