Holy Name School Peace Keepers

Each year Holy Name School addresses the many types of bullying and how to 
respond to bullying. Daily all students recite "The Peace Keeper Promise". As 
the children's first teachers, parents are instrumental in teaching extremely 
important lessons about respect and empathy. Caring and responsible adults 
can use their choices, words, and actions to model respectful behaviors and 
peaceful problem solving.

Violence is any word, look, sign, or act that inflicts or threatens to 
inflict physical or emotional injury or discomfort upon another person's 
body, feeling, or possessions. Bullying is recognized as a type of vioence 
that occurs whenever a student intentionally, repeatedly, and over time 
inflicts or threatens to inflict physical or emotional injury or discomfort 
on another's body, feelings, or possessions.

Bullying will not be tolerated. The Peace Keeper Program presented each year 
reviews bullying behavior, how to handle bullying situations and empowers 
students to report bully behavior. The students are made aware of the 
consequences for bullying which begin with intervention and  
progress to filing of a bullying report form, loss of conduct points, denial 
of activity where behavior is occurring, contacting parents, appointment with 
counselor, suspension, professional coouseling, administrative and pastor 
involvement, and dismissal from Holy Name School.

The Peace Keeper Promise

I am a Holy Name School peace keeper.
I promise to be kind in my thoughts, words, and actions.
By doing this, I will make Holy Name School a special place.
As Jesus teaches, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

We, at Holy Name School,
are kind in our words and actions,
support and encourage each other,
stick up for one another, and include everyone.

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