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Shrek Prop List - Act 1

  • Party Horns
  • oversized ogre sandwich (possible)
  • boots (possible)
  • backpack or satchel for Little Shrek
  • backpack or satchel with doll and books sticking out
  • picnic baskets
  • blankets
  • kindling with rope and ground stand to hold up kindling
  • torches
  • long jump rope to tie up Young Shrek
  • house sign reading “Home Stinky Home”
  • butt scratcher (for Shrek)
  • two large roped buckets filled with worms/slugs
  • sunflower that wilts when Shrek expels
  • Fairy Tale Creatures oversized storybooks
  • Tinkerbelle Lantern for Peter Pan
  • blanket, backpack, clothesline rigged to hang for Three Bears
  • broken magic wand for Fairy Godmother
  • wand for Sugar Plum Fairy
  • suitcase or wood polishing kit able to be sat on for Pinocchio
  • broom for Wicked Witch
  • newspaper for Big Bad Wolf
  • sword and clipboard with list for Guard
  • old fashioned camera with flash map for Shrek
  • signpost (that can spin) with Duloc, swamp, etc. signs on it
  • swords for Guards
  • large shroud to cover Gingy on tray
  • oversized eggbeater
  • oversized rolling pin
  • oversized spatula
  • banners for “Fetch a Princess Celebration” on Farquaad castle
  • raffle drum
  • various souvenirs of Duloc for Donkey (the bigger and sillier the better – sunglasses, t-shirt, large pin)
  • Royal dossier (glamorous scroll)
  • dolls for Young Fiona
  • several storybooks for Young/Teen Fiona
  • breakaway storybooks that rip down the binding and pages rip out - Fiona
  • oversized onion that can be split in half
  • rickety old bridge posts and rope
  • tambourine
  • various set dressing gags for Fiona’s Tower when Shrek arrives
  • removable bouquet of flowers in a vase
  • Fiona’s handkerchief
  • sword
  • shield

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