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(For the most part, props are only listed in the first scene that they are required)


Scene 1

Ø Bert – Sweep broom

Ø Michael – makeshift kite

Ø Police Officer – Billy club

Ø Jane – doll

Ø Miss Lark – Willoughby the lap dog

Ø Admiral Boom – binoculars

Ø Katie Nanna – suitcase

Ø George – briefcase, umbrella, bowler hat, cup of tea, ink well, old phone

Ø Jane & Michael – advertisement, feather pen & paper

Ø Brill – duster, knick knacks for mantle piece over fireplace

Ø Ay - feather

Ø Large coat tree (not the one in nursery)

Ø Torn advertisement that gets pulled up chimney

Scene 2

Ø Mary Poppins – umbrella with handle shaped like a parrot’s head, torn but mended advertisement, bag

Scene 3

Ø Jane & Michael – toys/dolls on pillows, pillows

Ø Jane – Valentine the boy doll, toy box

Ø Mary Poppins – bag, coat tree (smaller), stand up bush/plant, measuring tape, mirror (smaller), apron, lamp, telescope

Scene 4

Ø Bert – paintings, brush & paints, coin, large bag for, painting of park ready to be hung on gate

Ø Tea Party – cups & saucers

Ø Queen Victoria – staff

Ø Parasols

Ø Mary - parasol

Scene 5

Ø George – desk, pen, folders, in/out box, long sweater, hat & umbrella on coat rack

Scene 6

Ø Bert – push broom

Ø Mrs. Brill – sandwiches, cake, icing, icing tools, bowl of hot water, handful of envelopes

Ø Jane & Michael – eggs, sugar & water

Ø Mary Poppins – medicine bottle & spoon, 2 push brooms

Ø Pantry

Scene 7

Ø George – loan papers, feather pen to sign

Ø Northbrook – 2 coins

Ø Chairwoman – cane

Ø Clerks – ledgers & feather pen

Scene 8

Ø Bird Woman – seed bags for sale

Ø Michael – sixpence

Ø Mary – coin (tuppence)

Scene 9

Ø Mrs. Corry – gingerbread covered with little gold stars, bags, 2 jar of letters

Scene 10

Ø Mrs. Brill – feather duster, precious vase

Ø Ay – step stool

Scene 11

Ø Jane & Michael – a one-armed Valentine doll

Scene 12

Ø Jane – Note from Mary Poppins


Scene 1

Ø Bert – inside/out umbrella

Ø Miss Andrew – heavy bag, covered birdcage, terrifying looking bottle & large spoon, umbrella

Ø Winifred – poinsettia

Scene 2

Ø Bert – capacious bag, large & beautiful colorful kite with streamers & string

Ø Kite Flyers – each with a kite – 7 big & 11 small & 8 big in auditorium

Scene 3

Ø George – bench, umbrella

Ø Bert – lamplighter’s taper

Ø Police Officer (Constable) – Billy club

Scene 4

Scene 5

Ø Miss Andrew – Caruso the Lark (2), spoon, treacle & brimstone bottle

Ø George - umbrella

Scene 6

Scene 7

Ø Mary Poppins – locket with chain

Scene 8

Ø Mary Poppins – powder compact & powder puff

Ø Chimney Sweeps – each of dancers has a sweep

Ø Messenger – letter

Scene 9

Ø George – step stool, break-a-way vase, smattering of shining stars, papers in study, rubbish bin, brush & pan

Ø Mrs. Brill – large handkerchief

Ø Jane & Michael – each has a sixpence

Ø Mary Poppins – Michael’s kite for George

Scene 10

Scene 11

Ø Bird Lady – corn for the pigeons

Ø Jane/Michael – 2 coins

Scene 12

Ø Ensemble – lighted stars on sticks

Ø Mary Poppins – umbrella up at end of number

Scene 13

Ø Poseidon Statue - statue of a boy with a dolphin on a plinth

Ø Bert – painting of flowers, real flowers, lamplighter’s taper

Scene 14

Ø Mary Poppins – locket with broken chain, note

Ø George – magnificent kite with LF



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