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(For the most part, props are only listed in the first scene that they are required)


Scene 1

Ø Gobo – Main Curtain

Ø Bert – Chimney Sweep

Ø Michael – Makeshift Kite

Ø Police Officer – Billy Club

Ø Jane – Doll

Ø Miss Lark – Willoughby the lap dog

Ø Admiral Boom – Binoculars

Ø Katie Nanna – Suitcase

Ø George – Briefcase, Umbrella, Bowler Hat

Ø Jane & Michael – Advertisement

Scene 2

Ø Mary Poppins – Umbrella with handle shaped like a parrot’s head, Torn but mended advertisement, Bag

Scene 3

Ø Jane – Valentine the boy doll, Toy Box, Doll’s House

Ø Mary Poppins – Bag, Hat Stand, Plant, Measuring Tape, Mirror, Apron, Telescope

Scene 4

Ø Bert – Paintings, Brush & Paints, Coin

Ø Statue of a boy with a dolphin on a plinth

Ø Tea Party – Table, Chairs, Cups & Saucers

Ø Queen Victoria – staff

Scene 5

Ø George – Desk, Pen

Scene 6

Ø Bert – Broom

Ø Mrs. Brill – Sandwiches, Cake, Icing, Icing Tools, Bowl of Hot Water, Handful of Envelopes

Ø Jane & Michael – Eggs, Sugar & Water

Ø Mary Poppins – Medicine Bottle & Spoon, Broom

Scene 7

Ø George – Loan Papers

Ø Northbrook – 2 Coins

Scene 8

Ø Bird Woman – Seed Bags for Sale

Ø Michael – Sixpence

Scene 9

Ø Mrs. Corry – Gingerbread covered with little gold stars, Bags, Jar of Letters

Scene 10

Ø Mrs. Brill – Feather Duster, Precious Vase

Ø Ay – Pair of Steps

Scene 11

Ø Jane & Michael – A One-Armed Valentine Doll

Scene 12

Ø Jane – Note from Mary Poppins


Scene 1

Ø Miss Andrew – Heavy Bag, Covered Birdcage, Terrifying Looking Bottle & Large Spoon

Ø Winifred – Poinsettia

Scene 2

Ø Bert – Welcoming Painting, Capacious Bag, Large & Beautiful Red Kite with Streamers & String

Ø Kite Flyers – Each with a Kite

Scene 3

Ø George – Bench

Ø Bert – Lamplighter’s Taper

Scene 4

Scene 5

Ø Miss Andrew – Caruso the Lark

Ø Giant Bird Cage

Scene 6

Scene 7

Ø Mary Poppins – Locket with Chain

Scene 8

Ø Mary Poppins – Powder Compact & Powder Puff

Ø Chimney Sweeps – Each has a sweep

Ø Messenger – Letter

Scene 9

Ø George – Chair, Break-a-Way Vase, Smattering of Shining Stars, Papers in Study, Rubbish Bin

Ø Mrs. Brill – Handkerchief

Ø Jane & Michael – Each has a Sixpence

Ø Mary Poppins – Michael’s Makeshift Broken Kite

Scene 10

Scene 11

Ø Bird Lady – Corn for the Pigeons

Ø George – 2 Coins

Scene 12

Ø Ensemble – Stars on Sticks

Scene 13

Ø Poseidon Statue

Ø Bert – Painting of Flowers, Real Flowers

Scene 14

Ø Mary Poppins – Locket with Broken Chain, Note

Ø George – Magnificent Kite

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