Week of May 2, 2017

Thought for the week: "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary as a regional school, we 
reflect on our mission statement: 

Our Lady of Hope Regional Catholic School strives to create thoughtful,
passionate learners through a well rounded curriculum set in a safe and
caring environment faithful to the Catholic tradition of Loving God and
others through prayer and service.  By integrating technology, the fine 
arts and providing a robust academic program we are preparing our students to 
be productive members of a global community.

Financial Aid 
We have received application for the Kremer Foundation Scholarship.  If you 
would like to apply for this scholarship, please contact the school office at 
215-467-5385 or via email at  The deadline for 
submitting the application is Monday, May 8.  The application must be 
returned to school, all portions of the application must be completed and 
necessary documentation attached.  Please feel free to contact me at school 
if you have any questions or concerns. The  Private Foundation Scholarship is 
also available through the school office.  The deadline for this application 
is .                                                                         
Our Lady of Hope is sponsoring their First Annual Flower Show.  Please stop 
by our school Auditorium on Wednesday or Thursday Mornings, April 19 and 
April 20 from 8:00 to 9:30.  Our culminating evening event will take place on 
Thursday, April 27 from 6:00 to 
We will be holding our annual Academic Fair on Tuesday, May 2 from 6:00 to 
7:30.  This year our Fair will be expanded and be located throughout the 
entire school.  Each curriculum area will be represented and every student 
will have an original piece of work displayed in one or more curriculum 
area.  Our fair will consist of student presentations.  There will also be 
presentations of our winning Science Fair and Reading Fair winners.  Our 
Ballroom Dancing Troupe will perform and our band and chorus will also be 
performing.  As if all of this wasn’t enough, there will also be cross 
curricular projects, poetry readings, art displays, and writing samples and 
maybe even some surprise presentations.  The students and teachers have been 
working very hard all year in preparing for this event, we encourage you to 
join us and invite others to see what makes Our Lady of Hope School – The 
Best School Ever.

Dancing With the Mummer 
Our Fourth Annual presentation will take place on the weekend of April 29.  
This major fundraising event for Our Lady of Hope School will be bigger and 
better than before.  This year it will be a two day event.  On Friday, May 5 
we will have our Junior Event with members of the Pennsport School of Dance 
and members of our own Ballroom Dancing Troupe performing in a junior 
competition.  Tickets are available for purchase by going to our school 
website at   Any family or business are invited 
to purchases sponsorships by going to our website as well or see the flyer 
that is included with this 
Re-Registration for current families is still being accepted until the end of 
April.  The registration fee has now increased to $175 with a tuition deposit 
of $200.  These fees are payable to school and will show as paid on your 
Smart Tuition account.  Renewal of Smart Aid accounts will be sent out via 
email by the end of April.  We ask that each family return the blue re-
registration paper to school to allow us to update all information in our MSP 
and Smart Tuition systems.  
We have been having some issues with lateness and absence.  I would like to 
take this opportunity to restate the expectations regarding these issues.  
Students must be in school at 8:00.  It is often difficult for the children 
to adjust to the class routine when they are arriving after prayer and the 
start of the morning routine.  I would ask that every effort be made to have 
the students in school for the start of the day.  When a student is absent, 
we would ask that you call the school office (215)467-5385 by 9:00.  This 
allows us to be sure that all the students are safe and to request homework 
if needed.  If a student is absent for three or more days, they must return 
to school with a doctor’s note.  Upon one or two days absent, a note from the 
parent or guardian is required.  This is a state mandated law.  The teacher 
is required to record reasons for absence on the roll slip; which is a legal 
document that is bound and kept on file in the school.  I thank you in 
advance for your support of these requests.  Students who have absences, 
totaling 21 days or more may need to participate in a summer program.

      As the warm weather approaches and the school year is winding down, we 
need to remind our children of the importance of consistency and focus on 
their school work.  There is work that needs to be covered and assignments 
that need to be completed.  We need to help them to understand that their 
best effort is always what is expected and that we are here to help them to 
achieve their personal best.  Please continue to check their grades through 
My Students’ Progress; as well as homework, projects, and long range 
assignments on Teacher Web.  Third Trimester Progress reports will be 
distributed on April 27.  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or 
teachers if you have questions or concerns about their progress.
In closing, I would like to thank you for all that you do to support our 
mission and our school.  The success of Our Lady of Hope School is a result 
of a strong bond of parents, teachers, administration, and the entire 
community working together and sharing a common vision.  May God continue to 
bless our efforts.

Again, I would like to wish everyone a beautiful Easter.  Thank you for all 
of your support, encouragement, and the commitment that you have shown as we 
continue to grow as a school community.  We have built a regional school that 
is on its way to becoming the model of success and a thriving Catholic school 
for our children.  The key to our success is the blessings of our Heavenly 
Father and communication.  While differences may sometimes emerge, open 
communication and the willingness to sit down and discuss concerns and come 
to an amicable resolution is a hallmark of excellence.  I want to assure you 
that my door is always open to meet with you and discuss your concerns, 
ideas, or suggestions.  I can be reached by email or phone to set up an 
appointment.    Our school is blest because we have all of the ingredients 
that we need for continued success:  God’s blessings, committed parents, 
dedicated faculty and staff, strong leadership, and children who love to 
learn.  Great things are happening at Our Lady of Hope and will continue to 
happen here.  Thank you for believing in the mission and for agreeing to walk 
this journey together.  I know that I feel truly blest and I hope that you 
feel the same way.

Pot of Gold Lottery -  The jackpot has been frozen at $100,000.  The 
are $1.00 and you have two chances to win.  Match all 5 numbers in a row 
and you win the jackpot.  Match 4 of the 5 numbers in a row and you win the 
consolation prize.  More than one winner shares the prize.  Families 
selling 25 or more tickets, can keep 20% of the sale money for themselves.  
The school receives a percentage of the total tickets sold each week.  
Consider selling the tickets; they can be obtained from school.


Our school nurse, Nurse Amy, is currently in the process of reviewing and 
updating the students health records.  She has been sending home 
correspondence to families with requests for updated information regarding 
medication and immunization.  On behalf of Nurse Amy, I would like to 
you for your cooperation and prompt response to her requests.
I would ask that you continue to check your child’s/children’s folder to 
sure that you are receiving all correspondence from the school nurse.
Nurse Amy is currently acquiring information on dental, eyes, and health 
services available to families who may be without medical coverage or have 
limited medical coverage.  If you are in need of these services, please 
contact the school nurse at 215-467-5385.  The nurse is at school every 
Tuesday and every other Wednesday.

I would like to request for the safety of our children that when dropping 
children off in the morning, you pull your car up to the curb and have the 
children exit on the pavement side of the car.  During morning arrival, 
Jackson Street is often congested with traffic and I worry for the safety 
our children as they are often crossing in front of cars or I worry that 
may try to squeeze pass a double parked car and someone may be injured.  I 
also ask that when pulling up in front of school; you pull your car all 
way up to corner; this allows as many cars as possible to able to drop off 
the students.   Just a reminder that you are also invited to park in the 
church parking lot and walk the children up to the school doors.  Thank 
in advance for your cooperation with this request.

A student who is absent 21 or more days and the absences are unexcused; 
student will be required to attend summer school or participate in a 
structured summer tutoring program in order to be promoted to the next 
If lateness is an issue for your child, I respectfully request that you 
enable your child to arrive to school at the designated arrival time 
We begin our day with prayer and once prayer has begun a child is late.  
Being late gets their day started off with stress; as they are entering 
classroom and work has already begun.  In some cases, the class is already 
off to their specials.  I realize that situations occur at times which 
be avoided; but tardiness is a habit that we do not want the children 
developing.  I am very grateful for you cooperation with this request.
Custody Paperwork    If there are custody conditions affecting the custody 
of a student or the custody orders are changed, please be sure to provide the 
school office with a current copy of the custody orders as prescribed by 
the courts.Change in Information  Please inform the school office of changes 
in address, phone numbers, or email information in order to enable us to keep 
our information updated.

School Lottery - Pot of Gold Lottery. The jackpot has been frozen at
$100,000. Drawings will be each week on Tuesday evenings at 7:00. I 
encourage all of our school families to sell 
lottery tickets. Our Lady of Hope School receives 70% of the profit 
realized from this lottery. Tickets are $1.00. If you match all 5 numbers in 
a row, you win the jackpot. If you match 4 of the 5 numbers in a row, you win 
the consolation prize of $500. Tickets can be sold by OLOH families or are 
available through the school office.