May 30th (Tuesday)  Fun Day for PK.  Please wear Dash shirts, gym shorts, sneaks, and come to school with sunscreen on!  I have a snack and water bottle for each child, so you do not need to pack that!

June 1st (our last day), we will be having an ice cream party to celebrate SUMMER and FRIENDS!  If you would please, send in one topping of choice!  Mrs. Miller will get the ice cream!!  I will try to keep this updated with what comes in!
whipped cream (3)        mini choc chips (have 3)       chocolate sauce (have 2)
sprinkles (have 4)    mini oreos/crushed oreos  (have 3)     reese's pieces (1)
cherries  (2)                   caramel topping (1)                       mini marshmallows (have 2)
M&M's  (have 1)       strawberry topping   (1)               Your Choice  :)
Gummies (have 3)

FUN DAY!!!  We moved our fun into the gym because of the wet outdoors, but had lots of fun nonetheless!  We mingled our groups so that we could play and celebrate the end of pre-k with our pre-k 4-2 friends!
   *Hula Hoops 
   *Bean Bags
   *Relay Races
   *We played a game called Corners in the classroom!
Snacks:  Cake Pops from Gwen, Goldfish Cracker packs, Bunny Grahams packs

Daily Devotion:  God is Everywhere
Today the class picked the 4 centers they wanted to have:
1. playdough, rollers, letter stampers
2. stamp, stamp pads, pencils
3. tracers, colored pencils
4. Pennsylvania  Animals (coloring book for each child from Rep. Becky Corbin)
Story:  The Bear Came Over to My House (more rhyming patterns)
Music with Mrs. Tyler... rhythm stick fun
Our last Book Buddy get together!
We finished our shirts!  We cannot wait to show them to you next Thursday on our last
day of Pre-K!

Daily Devotion:  Building Up... (we talked about how our words and action can either build someone up or break them down)
Finished our four centers from yesterday... each group got to participate in the two centers that they did not get a chance to do yesterday
I am so excited about how well we did as a whole with our "spelling"... practiced as a group... Mrs. Miller drew a picture on the board and then we practiced listening for the sounds we could hear in the word and writing them down to "spell" a word. Then, we practiced this skill with our stamp set and pencils and paper. Their paper is coming home today that they did on their own... You will be excited to see how close so many of them came to actually spelling the entire word correctly!
We went through the entire alphabet and made the sounds for each letter.
Story:  Frog on a Log (they frog asks lots of questions about why he must sit on a LOG...
at the end he asks what do Dogs sit on... and he found out)  What do dogs sit on? (frogs)
Almost finished our t-shirts
Free Centers

Daily Devotion:  Good Morning, God!  (we talked about all of the ways to remember and "see" that God is around and with us.... sky, sun, flowers, singing birds, smiling/helpful people, rainbows, etc.)
Two groups worked on two of the centers and the other two groups completed the other two centers and tomorrow we will switch...
1. I-Pads
2. Stencils and Colored Pencils
3. Stamps and Sound out Spelling
4. Flower Baskets
Open Gym in the Morning
Free Centers while we worked on t-shirts
Hoping for outside time after rest time
Story:  Duck in the Truck (practiced with rhyming word patterns)

Daily Devotion:  God Works Through Us... talked about how God uses our hearts, minds, hands, etc. to do His good work.
Scholastic Article:  1 Egg, Two Eggs
Skills:  Writing numbers 1-10
Looked at real pictures that Mrs. Miller took (with her camera) of a robin, her nest, eggs, and baby birds.  Talked about what each picture showed us.
Worked on t-shirts
Continued end of year evaluations
Story:  Monday is a Fun Day (days of weeks book)
Letter Game:  Find the letter magnet on the whiteboard... some of us had to find 2-3 letters and then use those letters to spell a sight word.

Daily Devotion:  Set a Good Example... talked about how we can be good examples for those who are around us.
A surprise for our Dads... to save for Father's Day!  One surprise is coming home in the folders today... please feel free to pull out and save for Father's Day!
Open Gym this morning
Pecking away at our end of year t-shirts
Story:  Tumble Bumble  (listened for rhyming pairs)
Free Centers
Worked on and completed our Spiritual Bouquet contribution for the IHM Sisters.

You have been emailed a letter and a sign in and password for your child for their IXL account.

Below is the sign in page.  Please take advantage of this program with your child at home.  IXL

sends me weekly accomplishments for the class and as individuals!

Scholastic Book Orders:  Due Friday April 21st Online Only... Thank you!  

Please take a look at the scholastic book orders...
you can view online at  Set up a quick account and use this code (HMTMD) to order
for our classroom.  You can order any time and every order helps us to get free books for our classroom!!!

All of your book orders are done online and they come to your child's classroom!

Class Parties:

Halloween: Monday, October 31:   Wear a silly hat! Can also wear a Halloween shirt/socks with school uniform pants
and sneakers.

Thanksgiving:  Tuesday, November 22:  We will be making friendship fruit salad!

     Each child is asked to bring in one piece/type of fruit to add to our fruit salad!

Santa Breakfast:  Date TBD

Night Before Christmas:  Thursday, December 22:   Wear your pajamas to school on

     this day!  Wear gym sneakers with your jammies!  For girls wearing nightgowns,

     please wear leggings (or something) to keep legs warm!

Valentine's Day:  Tuesday, February 14:    Wear red and/or pink!

St. Patrick's Day:  Friday, Mar. 17  Wear your green!

Easter Bunny Breakfast:  TBD!

Easter Egg Hunt/Party:  Tuesday, April 11:  Please send in one bag of wrapped candy prior to the egg hunt!

Mother's Day  Show:  Friday, May 12th at 10 am: Your child may leave with you after the event! 

                                    Check in and out at the main office!

Book Buddy Party:  Friday, May 19th or 26th  Popsicles and play time with our Buddies outside from 2-230!

                                 If you wish, you may send in a small gift for your book buddy!

Fun Day:  Tuesday, May 23rd  (Rain make up day May 24th) Bring labeled water bottle and come with sunscreen on!

Ice Cream Party:  Last day of Pre-K on Thursday, June 1st!  Please send in one topping of choice!  Mrs. Miller will

get the ice cream, bowls and spoons!

At the end of the year, we make a keepsake t-shirt with the children for them to keep

and wear home on the last day of Pre-K.  Keep an eye out for a plain white t-shirt. 
They can be found at AC Moore and are often found on sale!

We will ask for each child to bring in one t-shirt in their size by Monday, May 15th!

Class List:

Allegra          Liviana


Maggie          Ellie

Claire            Gwen

Amelia          Parker

Brandon        Landon

Grayson        Angelo          


Joey              Chris

Harry            Matthew



Year-round you can:
Keep the boxtops, campbell's labels, ink cartridges, and moo milk caps coming!
We are always grateful for them and save them year round!

Pretzel Friday Da

May 19

Please send a check payable to PJPII for $14.  Thank you.  You do not have to purchase pretzels if you do not wish!  Thank you.  Any questions, please contact Jennifer Emmons: