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Renaissance Times Webquest...

***Marking Period 1 WebQuest Directions for English class can be found at...***

The information here are only the deadline dates!

Webquest Due Dates...
Project Outline/Rough Draft Due 
(handwritten including group member names 
if working in a group).........................................September 14, 2012
Final Projects Due................................................September 26, 2012
Permission Slips & Money Due...........................September 28, 2012
PA Renaissance Faire Trip. (tentative trip)............October 10, 2012

Career Research Paper Project...8th grade English

This research paper is on the topic of a career you feel you would like to pursue as an adult.
The paper needs to include job description, job responsibilities, special licensing or education
required, and salary. The next part of the paper is to focus on education needed after high
school. This section should concentrate on major, classes required, cost, sources for paying
for this schooling, grades, etc. The third part of the research paper is to investigate what classes
you need to take in high school to attain your goal, grades required, any special activities that
could be helpful in getting into your post high school educational institution, etc.

The final paper must be a minimum of 5 typed pages, double-spaced with one inch margins. It
must be typed in black. The font and size of font are outlined in the PVMS Literary Guide. There
is NO separate cover page on a research paper! In the top left corner, in accordance with MLA
format, you type your name, the date, teacher’s name, and class in a vertical fashion. Please be
sure to follow the PVMS Literary Guide or to contact Miss Laird in class or online with any questions
concerning this research paper.

Career Research Paper Proposal (will be done in class Monday, February 4)...
Student Name:
Teacher Name:
3 careers I am considering pursuing:
My first career choice out of these three is:
Why do you want to pursue this career choice?
What do I think I already know about my first career choice (education required, special
licensing, salary, job responsibilities):
Possible Research Sources (list at least 5):

Start by sorting your notecards into paragraph piles. These represent the topics of your
body paragraphs. Sort your notecards as if you are sorting a deck of cards. You will not
have a paragraph pile for your introduction or your conclusion since those paragraphs are
fully your own. Once you have the cards sorted by information in paragraph piles take one
pile and mark them in the upper right corner with a color of your choice. Use markers, crayons,
colored pencils, etc. If you don't have anything to color code your cards you can use shapes.
One pile can be the triangle pile, another a circle pile and so on. Color or shape code each pile
with a different color or shape. Now take you first pile again and spread out all the cards from
that paragraph pile on your bed or kitchen table. Decide what fact should be first in that paragraph,
what fact should come second and third and so on. Now that you know the order of the facts, place
a number in the colored area of your card...1 on the first fact, 2 on the second, etc. Do this for each
pile. Once you have your paragraph piles color and number coded you are ready to begin your
rough draft!

***To read a sample research paper and view the form for citations in the body of the paper go to and
****The easiest way to create your works cited page is to have all of your reference material information
in front of you and go online to Click on the button that says MLA and
then fill in the blanks. This website creates the works cited page for your research paper based on
the information that you supply.

Feb. 4.....students will complete the project proposal for approval
Feb. 11...students will learn how to sort and color code notecards
Feb. 25...properly completed notecards (at least 50) due
Notecards must have complete bibliographical information at the top of each and every card. See PVMS Literary Guide for detailed
information on what is included with bibliographical information.
Feb. 26...students will be instructed on how to use notecards to compose their rough draft
March 7...hand-written rough drafts are due (handed in)
March10...students will get rough draft back with comments
March typed research papers due...all other research paper items (proposal, notecards, etc.) will be handed in with the final paper

Greek News Today Webquest...

Marking Period 2 Webquest for Enlgish class can be found at...

Timeline of Due Dates...
*Monday, Nov. 3...Receive webquest address and short introduction.
*Wednesday, Nov. 5...Students will be given class time to review the webquest and brainstorm aspects
of their magazine.
**Friday, Nov. 14...Rough drafts will be checked in class.
*****Wednesday, Dec. 10...Final publications handed in along with all rough draft work.