World Cultures Games




Middle East Map Quiz (ilike2learn)
Africa Map Quiz (ilike2learn)
Asia Map Quiz (ilike2learn)
South America Map Quiz (ilike2learn)
North America Map Quiz (ilike2learn) 





General History


Interactive History Review Games (
FreeCiv (Great Danes) 


Pre-modern World


Mysteries of Catalhoyuk (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Expedition 2 (National Geographic)
Mummy Maker (BBC)
Pyramid Builder (BBC)
Egyptian Lost and Found (British Museum)
Egyptian Temple Tally (British Museum)
Egyptian Shuffling Time (British Museum)
Egyptian Tools of the Trade (British Museum)
Grepolis (InnoGames)
Gladiator: Dressed to Kill (BBC)
Emperor of Rome (PBS)
Iron Age Life (BBC)
Vikings Quest (BBC)
1066: The Battle of Hastings (Channel 4)
Conqueror (Juggleware)
Mughal India Room (British Museum)
Become a Spice Trader (Annenberg Media) 


Modern World


The Battle of Waterloo (BBC)
Muck and Brass (BBC)
Who Wants to Be a Cotton Millionaire? (BBC)
The Victorian Period (McCord Museum)
Colonial Africa Map Quiz (Purpose Games) 


World War I


Trench Warfare (BBC)
Warfare 1917 (Blitzgamer) 


World War II


The World War II Experience (History Channel)
TripleA (Sourceforge)
SOE Quiz: Destination D-Day (BBC)
The Battle of the Atlantic (BBC) 







Food Force (World Food Programme)
Ayiti!: The Cost of Life (Global Kids)
3rd World Farmer (ArcadeTown)
Peace Corps Challenge (Peace Corps)
SimSweatshop (Oxfam)
Unfair Factory (Labour Behind the Label) 


The Environment/Natural Disasters


Climate Challenge (BBC)
Stop Disasters (United Nations)
McVideo Game (Molleindustria)
FloodSim (PlayGen)
One Ocean (CBC)
Operation: Resilient Planet (JASON) 


Human Rights


Prisoners of War (
Darfur is Dying (mtv U) 




Fat World (Persuasive Games)
Malaria Mosquito (
Malaria Parasite ( 




Against All Odds (United Nations)
ICED (Breakthrough TV) 


Nuclear Weapons


Peace Doves (