About Us - Fact Sheet

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We, the staff of St. Francis Academy, regard ourselves as representatives of moral values. God, in imposing moral obligation upon us, lifts our lives beyond mere existence. It is our concern for one another and our love for God that give meaning to our lives. It is our responsibility, therefore, to uphold Christian values, reflecting them in our teaching and in our daily lives.

To begin each day in God’s presence, the faculty meets for morning prayer. We participate in activities designed to strengthen the Christian spirit within our school community. We hope that, upon leaving our school, the student will carry this Christian spirit into the community.
St. Francis Academy is organized under the Allentown Diocesan Board of Education. Educational policies and curriculum guidelines are issued by the Diocesan office in accordance with state requirements. 

                          Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Saint Francis Academy 668 Pine Street -- Bally, PA 19503 610-845-7364
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