Home & School Association

CONTACT: sfahsamail@gmail.com---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- President – Jeff Smith----- Vice President- Kelly Derkotch Treasurer – Sean Griech Secretary – Stacy Schreiber Faculty Liason – Mrs. Kelsch (2nd Grade Teacher) Home & School Meetings are held throughout the school year. There are only a few and they are in the evening at school. Times and dates will be announced through school. Home & School sponsors various events throughout the school year. Volunteers are needed to help support these events and make them successful. Communication on these opportunities will be announced throughout the year. *Please sign up with your email address to receive announcements and updates from the Home & School. Please advise school or email sfahsamail@gmail.com Thank you!

Saint Francis Academy 668 Pine Street -- Bally, PA 19503 610-845-7364
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