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Teaching God's Children Since 1743

Dedicated to helping children realize their tremendous potential, Saint Francis Academy provides high-quality Catholic education in a nurturing, supportive environment. Academic instruction, sacramental preparation, and spiritual formation combine to give students in pre-kindergarten to grade eight a well-rounded foundation for a life of learning and growing in God's love.

From the Principal

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Dear Parents, SUMMER 2017

It’s summer time. Let us hope for good weather and the making of great memories. Would you believe that we are beginning our 275th school year here? How special to be part of one of the oldest school’s in our country. We were here before it was even called the United States. We are planning numerous ways to help us celebrate. (See our Golf flyer) Also, there have been some changes taking place at SFA. Mrs. Boyer and Mr. Beard (our instrumental music teacher) have retired and we wish them the very best. We are very happy to relocate Mrs. Stroud from her pre-k position to teaching 6th grade. Mrs. Stroud is fully certified for the upper level and was hoping for an opportunity to expand her talents. Although she regrets leaving our pre-k, she is anxious to teach an age group who can finally tie their shoes!! At this time, we are still interviewing for our pre-k program. Mrs. Strod has assured us that she will mentor our new teacher to maintain our excellent pre-k class.
Miss Lance (our piano teacher) will replace Mr. Beard and is very excited to extend her talents as the new instrumental music instructor. She will be instructing students in various instruments besides piano. Look for her instrumental registration form.
We are now implementing computer carts to serve all of our classrooms. Our children will now have access to chromebooks and Ipads any time the need arises. Weekly computer classes will no longer be necessary. Teachers will be trained this summer in the various uses of ‘hands on” computer software to integrate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) across the curriculum. It is our challenge to maintain the latest technology to better prepare our children for our rapidly changing world.
We are in the process of installing lockers for our 7th and 8th grade students (thanks to our incredible Home & School) and upgrading our classroom smart boards.
This past fall, we were visited by the Middle States Association for reaccreditation. The team was very impressed with our staff and school. The report from the commission arrived in April and was so uplifting for all of us. Our school is now reaccredited until May, 2024.
This year’s “Principal Challenge” was a surprise “oldies” concert. The students met their goal of reading 4,500 books and I had fun trying to play the drums with some help from the students.
Important Dates:.
July 31st (Mon) “Uniform Swap” 5-6:30
Aug. 16 (Wed) Pre-K ”parents only” meeting at 7pm in Fr.Schneider Hall.
Aug. 17 (Thurs.) Kindergarten ”parents only” meeting at 7pm in Fr.Schneider Hall.
Aug. 23 (Wed) Pre-K “Open House” 6:30 – 7:15pm
Aug. 24 (Thurs) Kindergarten “Open House” 6:30-7:15 pm.
Aug. 29 (Tues) First day of classes for gr. K-8.
Aug 30 (Wed) Classes begin for Pre-K
Sept. 1,4 (Friday / Mon) School Closed
Sept. 5 (Tuesday) Classes resume for grades Pre-K-8
Sept. 14 (Thursday) “Parent Night” for gr 1-8 6:30-7:30. followed by a Home & School meeting @ 7:30.

Be sure to check our website and Saint Francis Academy “Facebook” for the latest information. Also, “sign up” for our “newsflash” if you have not already done so to be emailed and receive a text message of the latest events. The season goes by so quickly, before you know it, it’s back to school again. If you are like me, you can become so easily “stressed out” at organizing your time well. Ask our Lord and the Blessed Mother to help you plan family activities. They will. You will feel their graces and be able to relax and enjoy your family more knowing the Lord is with you (because you invited Him). So many of us get so wrapped up with various activities we forget to “talk to” Our Lord daily. What a difference it makes! Try it. Get in the habit of it. You will feel the difference. Trust Me. ………………………. God bless you all !!!...............................Deacon T. Murphy
Deacon Thomas Murphy

The Importance of Sunday Mass

Our Duty and Privilege
Sunday Mass? Why is it so Important?
Since the Last Supper, Jesus instructed His apostles to “Do this in remembrance of Me”. The third commandment tells us to keep holy the Lord’s Day. The Mass is an intimate encounter with our risen Lord. In one of our Lady’s apparitions she stated that if we knew the graces that we receive from attending Holy Mass, “we would weep for joy”! How can we better understand the weekly readings? Please click on the link above for an explanation for all age groups!
• Then click on the “Sunday Connection” button on the left for the Sunday Readings and explanations.

Our Lady of Fatima 100 Years!!!

May 13, 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of our Blessed Mother appearing to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinto of Fatima Portugal. They were 10,8 and 7 years old. Pope Francis is expected to declare Francisco and Jacinta as saints during this month. They will then become the youngest non-martyred saints. Please "you tube" or "google" Our Lady of Fatima's is fascinating!!!

FACTS Tuition & Financial Aid...Click the link below to apply!
All parents must "create an account" for Financial Aid and Tuition payments for school year 2016-17. After you create an account, BE SURE TO CONTINUE to the right for financial aid and tuition payment schedules. Please call the school office for any questions. 610-845-7364

Diocese Safe Environment Procedures

Is your cell phone registered for Newsflashes?

Make sure you receive the latest weather or activities from SFA through text messages on your cell phone and/or email by subscribing to our newsflash "Button" to the left of this message.

School Closings & Delays
How do you know if the school is closed or dismissing early due to snow or icy conditions???
Parents can do any of the following:
1) Go to the school’s website at 2) Turn to (Ch. 69 TV) WFMZ
***The best thing to do is register your cell phone and/or email on the “Newsflash” button of our school’s website. This will notify you immediately by text message and/or email of any school situations***

Please note: We do not follow the Boyertown School District for closings and delays. If you reside in another school district, you must be aware of St. Francis Academy’s closing or delay schedule. For example, do not send your child to school if your district is operating on a one hour delay and St. Francis has a two hour delay. The school will not be open for any children arriving earlier than what has been announced.
Special Pre-K Note: If there is a two hour delay, the morning Pre-k class will still take place beginning at 10:30 for those who choose to attend.

Have a great Summer!!!


Uniform Swap 5-6:30


Pre-k "Parents Only" meeting in Fr.Schneider Hall 7 pm


Kindergarten "Parents Only" meeting in Fr.Schneider Hall 7 pm


Pre-K Open House 6:30 - 7:15


Kindergarten Open House 6:30 - 7:15


First Day of school Gr K-8


Pre-k Classes begin

School Closed Fri & Mon Sept. 1/4


"Parent Night" for gr. 1-8 6:30-7:30 followed by Home & School Meeting at 7:30

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