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Science Chapter 5

  Chapter 5 Earth p 137

Natural resources- useful materials that come from the Earth

Types of Natural resources
1.	Cannot be replaced-oil
2.	Can be replaced- trees
3.	Never be used up- air

We use water to cook and to swim

We use air to fill a ball or balloon

Boulder –big rock

Sand- tiny pieces of rock

Minerals- nonliving material that comes from the Earth

Soil- a natural resource made up of sand, soil, clay, and humus.

Humus- part of the soil that comes from living things

We use plants in many ways.
 	Cotton- shirts
	Trees- newspapers

Erosion- rocks or soil are moved by water or wind

Weathering- breaking apart rocks usually by water

Pollutions- something harmful added to water, land, or air

Recycle- change and use again

Refuge- safe place for plants or animals

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