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Science Ch 10

 Chapter 10 Forces

Motion- act of moving

Force- push or pull that makes an object move.
	*The object will move in the direction of the force
	*More force is needed to move heavier objects.
	*Objects move faster when you apply more force

Gravity- a force that pulls things to the center of the Earth

Work- a force that makes objects move
	If the object does not move – there is no work!
	The more force that you use the more work you do!

Friction- a force that slows or stops an object.
	It causes heat!

Simple Machines- is a tool with few or no moving parts

1.	wedge-is used to push things apart
                   (knife or beaver’s teeth)
2.	screw- used to hold things together
3.	lever- used to move things
                   (screwdriver or bird)
4.	wheel and axel- move things
5.	inclined plane- move things and it is flat
6.	pulley- move things up, down, or sideways

Magnets –can push or pull certain metals (iron and steel)

Attract- to pull toward
Repel- to pull away

Magnets are attracted to opposite poles.
Magnets can move things without even touching them

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