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Language Arts

Unit 2 Book 2: Figure It Out

Stories read in this unit:
•	The Bremen Town Musicians by: The Brothers Grimm
music-sounds made from instruments or voice
voice- sounds made by vocal cords
whistle- a high pitched sounds made by blowing air through the lips
scare- to frighten
third- number three in an order
daughter- a parents’ female child
musician- a person who plays an instrument
miller-person who grinds grain into flour
•	Our Soccer League by: Chuck Solomon
coaches- trainers of athletes or performers
field- land where a game is played
score-make a point in a game or test
stretches- to spread body apart
throws- to send up in the air
touch- put a part of body on something
intercept- to take from someone
collide-to hit hard against

•	The Wednesday Surprise by: Eve Bunting
chance- good opportunity
favorite- someone or something you like best
nervous- worried
office- building where people work
heavy- hard to lift
wrapped- covered with paper
astonished- surprised

•	Fossils Tell of Long Age by Aliki
buried- covered
fresh- new
layers- materials laying on one another
millions- a large amount
fossils- traces of old plants or animals
creatures- animals or people
extinct- gone from the Earth

•	Time for Kids: Are You A Fossil Fan?
hunt- look for something
magazine- collection of stories and pictures
piece- part of something
glue- material that holds things together
tooth- bony part of your mouth used for chewing
change- make or become different
mastodon-large elephant like animal that lived long ago

Phonics skills taught:
•	are, or, ear
•	oo,ew,ue
•	en, le
•	ar, er

Comprehension skills
•	Summarize
•	Sequence of Events

Vocabulary skills
•	Suffixes
•	Context clues

Study skills
•	Read a newsletter
•	Use a calendar

•	Design a set and perform a play
•	Sequence of story
•	Make comic strips
•	Role play as an announcer
•	Make a fossil/examine fossils

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