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Language Arts

  Unit 3: Express Yourself

Stories read in this unit and vocabulary words:
•	Arthur Writes a Story   by Marc Brown
Decided- made a decision or a choice
Float- to drift on air water or land
Important- very special
Library-a place where a collection of books, magazines, and newspapers 
	are kept
Planet- a large body that can be found in space
Proud- to feel important or special 
Stegosaurus- a dinosaur that has plates/spikes on their backs

•	Best Wishes Ed   by James Stevenson
Climbed- moved upward or over, across or through something
Couple-two things that go together
Half-either of 2 equal parts
Message- information sent to someone
Notice- pay attention to
Iceberg- large pieces of ice that float on water
Tern- a type of bird

•	The Pony Express   by Dale Ryder
Arrive-before the usual or expected time
Early-before the usual time
Record- best performance
Finished- ended, completed
Success- a thing that goes well
Mochila- a thin piece of leather that covers the saddle
Cantinas-pockets on the mochila
Stampede- a rush of frightened animals
•	Nine –In – One by Blia Xiong
Earth-a planet that we live on
Lonely-having a sad feeling because one is alone
Wonderful-very good
Forget- not remember something
Mountain-high piece of land
Memory-ability to remember things
Bamboo- plant that has a long hollow stem
Pheasant- a large bird

•	Time for Kids:  Change for a Quarter
Join-to become a member of
Collect- to gather together
Honors-shows or feels great respect for a person or thing
Order-the way in which things are arranged
Pocket-a small bag sewn into clothing
Worth-having the same value
Difference- what is left over from a subtraction problem
Phonics skills taught:
•	Silent consonant letters
•	er
•	short e: ea
•	long e: ey, y

Comprehension skills
•	Fantasy and Reality
•	Cause and Effect

Vocabulary skills
•	Context Clues
•	Synonyms

Study skills
•	Use a dictionary
•	Use an encyclopedia

•	Arthur stories and illustrations
•	Penguin crafts 
•	Penguin factual information
•	Buffalo Bill factual information
•	Look at coins

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