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Language Arts

Unit 1 Book 2: Look Around

Stories read in this unit:
•	Charlie Anderson  by: Barbara Anderson
upstairs- a place that you reach by climbing up steps
clothes- items that you wear such as pants
middle- halfway through a period of time, between two things
roof-the top covering of a house or building
offered-gave something to someone
chocolate- food made from cacao beans, usually brown and sweet
prowls- to roam around looking for something

•	Fernando’s Gift  by: Douglas Keister
village- a small group of houses
noisy- making loud sounds
diving- going head first into water
explained- made something clear
soil- earth; dirt
harm- hurt or injury
Cristobal- type of tree found in Costa Rica

•	The Best Vacation Ever  by: Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
vacation- free time from work, school, or business
museum- a building where objects of art, science, or history are shown
wonder- to be curious about something
guess- to form an opinion without knowing the facts
brave- not afraid; having courage
practice- to do something over and over to learn how to do it well
binoculars- small object that you look through that makes objects larger
skeleton- the hard white part of your body that is under your skin

•	Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats  by: Ann Earle
explore- travel to unknown places for the purpose of discovering new things
fact- true or real information
disturb- bother
nature- all things made by God and not by people
object- a thing that can be seen or touched
several- a few
mosquito- an winged insect that feeds on humans and animals
membrane- a thin piece of flesh that can bend
echolocation- locating an object by sound

•	Time for Kids:  Going Batty for Bats 
darkness- a time of no light
scary-causing fear
breath- air drawn into the lungs
study- look closely
cover- put something over
colony- group of people or animals

Phonics skills taught:
•	oo
•	soft c and soft g
•	au, aw
•	ph, tch

Comprehension skills
•	Drawing conclusions 
•	Compare and contrast

Vocabulary skills
•	Antonyms
•	Inflectional endings

Study skills
•	Read a map
•	Read a chart

•	Rainforest information
•	Missing cat posters
•	Information about the US
•	Writing postcards
•	Bat models
•	Bat information
•	Nocturnal animal projects/dioramas

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