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Language Arts

Unit 2 Book 3: Starting Now

Stories read in this unit:

•	Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
accident- a sad, or unexpected event where people can be hurt
audience-a group of people gathered to hear of see something
cheered-shouted with happiness
station-a building or a place used by an organization
wipe-clean or dry something by rubbing
auditorium- hall that is used for events

•	Tomàs and the Library Lady by Pat Mora
borrow- take something but with the agreement to give it back
desert- dry area of land with little water
evenings- nights
midnight-twelve o’clock during the night
package-things packed together and wrapped up
shoulder- part of the body where the arm is attached
buenas noches- Spanish word for good night

•	Princess Pooh by Kathleen M. Muldoon
princess-daughter of a king or queen
golden- made of gold, shining
world- Earth
cousins-children of one’s aunt or uncle
restaurant- place where food is prepared and served 
crowded-gathered closely, or in large numbers
hammock- hanging bed
therapy- treatment used to help a person with an injury

•	Swimmy by Leo Lionni
swift- fast
escaped- got away
hidden- out of sight
machine- made by humans to help to do work
swaying- bending slowly back and forth
fierce- ready to fight or hurt something
marvel- something that is of amazement
medusa- jellyfish

•	Time for Kids “The World’s Plants are in Danger
problem- a fact that causes trouble
disappear- go out of sight
cleared- removed things from
warns- tells of something that may happen
save- to keep away from harm
forever- without coming to an end
alyssum- bright yellow flowers

Phonics skills taught:
•	Long e,and i
•	tch and ch
•	Long a and o
•	Soft c and g

Comprehension skills
•	Main Idea
•	Form Generalizations

Vocabulary skills
•	Figurative Language
•	Multiple-meaning words

Study skills
•	Subject and Author search
•	Choose a reference

•	Make safety tips
•	Mural
•	Look at endangered plants

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