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Language Arts

Unit 2: Just Between Us

Stories read in this unit:

•	Lemonade for Sale by Stuart J. Murphy
announced-made known
empty- having nothing
squeezed- pressed hard
poured- caused to flow
melted- became liquid through heat
wrong- not correct
juggler- a person who can keep lots of objects in motion in the air

•	A Letter for Amy by Ezra Jack Keats
special- not common
corner- place where two lines meet
glanced- quick look
wild- not tame
repeated- said or did again
candles- sticks of wax that light
envelope-  a flat pocket of paper that closes
reflection- image of somebody or something

•	The Best Friends Club by Elizabeth Winthrop
whispered- spoke softly
leaned- bent or slanted
president- a person in charge of a group
promise- to give one’s word
rules- directions that tell you what to do
allowed- permitted
members- people who belong in a group
gloomily- feeling of sadness

•	Jamaica Tag-Along by Juanita Havill
repair- fix or mend
giant- huge
busy- involved in an activity
form- shape of something
edge- place where something ends
building- place where people do things in
distance- length of space
mound- small hill

•	Time for Kids:  Sharks
lesson- something that is taught or learned
chew- to grind with teeth
afraid- scared
danger- something that may cause harm
trouble- difficult situation
understood- to learn
scientists- person who trains in a science

Phonics skills taught:
•	oo,ue,ew
•	ou, ow, oi, oy
•	are, or, ore, ear
•	ar, ir,ur,er

Comprehension skills
•	Problem and solution
•	Make inferences

Vocabulary skills
•	Prefixes
•	Compound Words

Study skills
•	Read a graph
•	Read a diagram

•	Making lemonade
•	Writing letters
•	Cat’s cradle
•	More about sharks
•	Best friends recipe bash

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