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Language Arts

  Unit 1 What’s New?

Stories read in this unit:

•	Ann’s First Day by Constance Keremes
hurry- move faster than usual
carrots- vegetable that is a root and orange colored
homework- work done at home
shy- not comfortable around others
lucky- having or bringing luck
crawls- moves slowly on all fours
peppermint- candy flavored mint
•	Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant
parents- fathers and mothers
different- not alike
searched- looked to find something
weighed-how heavy something is
hundred- ten time ten
worry- to feel troubled
tornadoes- wind storm

•	Luka’s Quilt by Georgia Guback
grandmother- father’s or mother’s mom
idea- thought
garden- place where flowers or plants are grown
serious- important
remember- not to forget
answered- said or written reply
truce- put aside differences
lei- flowered necklace
amaryllis and jacaranda- types of flowers

•	Roundup at Rio Ranch by Angela Medearis
cattle- cows, bulls, and steers raised for meat and milk
broken- not working
fence- something used to surround or mark off an area
carefully- in a thoughtful way
gently- mild or peaceful manner
safety- no harm
pasture- large area with lots of grass
vaquero- cowboy in Spanish

•	Time for Kids: Welcome to a New Museum
artist- person who creates art
visit-come to see
life-way we live
famous- well known
body- form of a person
hour- sixty minutes
statues- image of a person, thing or animal

Phonics skills taught:
•	Short vowel sounds
•	Long vowel sounds
•	Long a and e
•	Long o and i

Comprehension skills
•	Make predictions
•	Story elements

Vocabulary skills
•	Inflectional endings
•	Context clues

Study skills
•	Parts of a book: contents page, title page
•	Glossary and index

•	Pet book
•	Long dog poems
•	Making a class quilt
•	Introduce Hawaiian items and dance
•	Spanish cowboy introduction – computers

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