Mrs. Miller

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NAME: Mrs. Janelle Miller

SCHOOL: St. Philip School


SCHOOL PHONE: (412)928-2742

About The Teacher

   I have been teaching second grade at St. Philip School for many years.  
I received my undergraduate degree of Elementary Education and an unofficial 
minor of psychology at Duquesne University.   I finished my 
graduate degree at Gannon University. I am married and I have a boy 
named Kian and a little girl named Madelaina.  I am excited and I am looking 
forward to another year teaching second grade.

Mission For The Class

This is my mission and philosophy for the second grade class. I am a person 
who is a strong believer of Catholic School Education.  I believe that what 
a student learns is crucial to their existence as a human being created by 
God.  As a strong believer of the Catholic School education, I have a 
variety of beliefs that I wish to instill in all my students throughout my 
career. I want my students to become rooted in the Catholic Faith and 
understand the Gospel values and virtues to be applied throughout their 
entire life.  I want my students to become spiritually connected with God so 
when they have reached adulthood they will have a passionate desire to raise 
their children under a solid Christian Faith and a thriving Christian 

My students are to not only grow spiritually, but academically as well.  I 
believe that each student who enters my classroom is an individual and 
should be treated as one.  I will assist my students to work to their own 
potential while challenging them along the way.  I will use a variety of 
teaching methods to develop and mold my students’ intellects.  My students 
should leave my classroom feeling successful, while still striving for more 
than they originally believed was possible.

Lastly, my classroom will be a stable and loving environment for all my 
students.  I will be a firm, but caring teacher.  Also, I want my students 
to see that I am a good role model and that I live the Christian way through 
my words and actions.  This modeling will enable the students to understand 
that they are in caring hands and are respected as person.  The shaping of 
the students academically, spiritually, and emotionally will provide my 
students with the best educational experience.

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