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"By recognizing the dignity of its students and teachers through their unique gifts and talents, Saint Anselm Catholic School strives to provide academic excellence in an environment permeated with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ."

Message from the Principal

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Welcome to the website of Saint Anselm Catholic School located in northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our school is part of the mission of Saint Anselm Parish and of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It has a rich history of serving families who appreciate a Catholic school education for their children. Our present enrollment is 407 students in grades Prekindergarten to eight. We have a dedicated staff of 23 lay teachers whose mission is to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to all students and their parents. In addition to the traditional curriculum areas, we have teachers who specialize in Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education and Library Science. Our school provides an after school program for those parents who need additional care and supervision for their children after school hours. Please review the pages contained in our website. If you need additional information, we would be happy to speak with you at 215-632-1133. Thank you for visiting our website.
Mrs. Geraldine Murphy

News You Can Use

Race for Education: COMING SOON!
Click for up-to-date information on the Race!
Our Race for Education Mailing Party will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, from 7-9 PM in the school library! We need your help to fold, tape, stamp, and mail over 8,500 letters for our Race!

We also need volunteers to help keep track of returns. a flyer was sent home on Thursday with the students. You can also download it at the link above!

Spring Barnes & Noble Bookfair--Save the Date!

Our Spring Bookfair at Barnes & Noble Neshaminy will be held on Tuesday, May 26, 2015--check back for updates at the date draws closer!

BLOCS Application
Click here for application
The BLOCS applications for the 2015-2016 years are available online at You are encouraged to complete your application online as soon as possible.

Forms must be postmarked no later than Friday, March 31, 2015.

There is a $28.00 application fee.

Please see the gold sheet for further information that sent home with the youngest child in each family on February 5.

Published Poets at Saint Anselm School

The following students have had their poetry accepted by Creative Communication to be published in an upcoming anthology!

Kindergarten: Gavin Berlett, Ernesto Ciocca, Mark Dantes, Tessa Dougherty, Keegan Fitz-Gerald, Juliana Gabrielle, Metthew Grez, Brett Iaquinto, Robert McKay, William Moser, Lilyanna Payne, Gabrielle Scanlon, Madelyn Sullivan, Colin Till, Caden Tirendi, Shane Williams

Grade 3: Catie Kain

Grade 5: Nicholas Adair, Madison Crozier, Naloni Cruz, Erin Fuller, Autumn Gebhardt, Gabrielle Kedziora, Ryan Lopez, Cara Marquess, Alexandria O'Neill, Keira Scanlon, Nicholas Sperry, Wanneh Togba

Grade 7: Megan Cornwell, Kiley Crawford, Myrissa Ellis, Brandon Erickson, Jessica Fronczak, Justin Gessner, Olivia Gribley, Thomas Harper, Aidan Kircher, Abigail Lang, Joshua Leon, Shane McDevitt, Marissa McKenna-Santore, Emily McMaster, Kayle McQuillan, Meghan Montoya, Nick Neiswender, Lisa Patrone, Jessica Reed, John Rehfuss, Brielle Scary, John Simpson, Elizabeth Walp, Shane Weihe

Grade 8: Alyssa Bergmark, Jason Boyle, John Connors, Giavanna Doherty, Bryce Fadako, James Fallon, Miranda Harvey, Brenna Heary, Sean Hines, Ann Ho, Amanda Hoppel, James Leinenbach, Olivia Malkowski, Madison McGee, Jordan Mundy, Ashley Parkinson, Dana Patrone, Laura Payne, Brett Schrader, Kylie Snellbaker, Carli Squares, Joshua Stephens, Michael Stout, Isabella Trinacria, Matthew Wagher

***IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be published, a parent/guardian must give permission. The students should have received a postcard either at home or at school. There have be some delays in the postcards reaching their destination due to weather, so the deadline to respond has been extended to February 26, 2015. If your child has not yet received his or her postcard, please send a note to Mrs. Tait in room 18 for a printed copy of instructions of how to give publication permission.

Saint Anselm Students Excel in Science!

The following students won ribbons in our annual science fair:
Physical Science: Kaylee Halpin and Kaitlyn Winkis (1st place), Jenna Dattilo (2nd place), Deanna Moser and Gina Pellizzeri (3rd place), Amanda Hoppel and Carli Squares (3rd place

Earth Science: Thomas McLellan (1st place), Marissa McKenna-Santore and Grace Dingas (2nd place), John Connors and James Fallon (3rd place)

Consumer Science: Corey Hecdivert (1st place), Erin Fuller (2nd place), Catie Kain and Samantha Williams (3rd place)

Life Science: Caitlin Field and Isabella Trinacria (1st place), Corinne Mundy and Rebecca Moroz (2nd place), Miranda Harvey and Mariah Roemhild (3rd place)

Congratulations to all of the winners and to all of the students who participated!

New Student Registration Coming Soon!
New Student Registration
To register a new student for Saint Anselm School, click the link above for information!

Scholarship Opportunities
Click here for available scholarship applications!
Make sure to check out the Scholarship Opportunities link above or in our main menu to the left. Throughout the year we'll post PDF files of applications and links to other websites where scholarships are available.

End-of-Year Information for 8th Grade
Click here
The above link will take you to information that was given to all 8th grade students regarding end-of-year activities.

Upcoming Events

February 24

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

School Flea Market during library periods

March 2

Pretzel orders due--$1.60

Grade 8 students measured for graduation robes

March 3

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

March 4

Faculty Retreat

Holiday for students

March 5

8:30 Mass for grades 1-4

1 PM Stations of the Cross for grades 6-8

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

March 6

End of Second Trimester

March 7

7 PM Home and School Night at the Races in parish hall

March 8

Third Sunday of Lent

Liturgy of the Word for Children at 10 AM Mass

Daylight Savings Time begins

7 PM Parish Forty Hours Devotion

March 9

Third Trimester begins

Pretzel orders due--$2.00

7 PM Parish Forty Hours Devotion

March 10

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

7 PM Parish Forty Hours Devotion

March 11

Hot Lunch--Burger King

March 12

8:30 Mass for grades 5-8

February peacemakers grades 5-8

1 PM Stations of the Cross for grades 3 & 4

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

March 13

Report cards distributed for grades PK-8

Grade 8 class trip to Eastern State Penitentiary

March 14

9 AM LSA Craft Show in parish hall

March 15

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Liturgy of the Word for Children at 10 AM Mass

Home and School St. Patrick's Day Party for grades PK-4 in parish hall

March 16

Pretzel orders due--$2.00

March 17

St. Patrick's Day

Wear green over uniforms

March 18

Hot Lunch--pizza

7 PM Race for Education mailing party in school library

March 19

St. Joseph's Day

1 PM Confessions for grades 2-8

March 20

Terra Nova InView Testing for grades 3-7

1 PM and 7 PM Living Stations of the Cross in Church

March 22

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Liturgy of the Word for Children at 10 AM Mass

5:30 to 7:30 PM Home and School Skating Party for grades PK-8

March 23

Pretzel orders due--$2.00

Terra Nova Testing for grades 3-7

March 24

Terra Nova Testing for grades 3-7

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

March 25


Terra Nova Testing for grades 3-7

Hot Lunch--Burger King

Registration for NEW students 9-11:30, 1:00-3:00, and 7:00-8:00

March 26

8:30 Mass for grades 1-4

Peacemakers for grades PK-4

Terra Nova Testing for grades 3-7

1 PM Stations of the Cross for grades 6-8

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

March 27

Terra Nova Testing for grades 3-7

March 28

OCE Elementary Art Festival at Archbishop Ryan HS 12-3 PM

Easter Plant Sale after 5 PM Mass

March 29

Passion/Palm Sunday

Liturgy of the Word for Children at 10 AM Mass

Easter Plant Sale after all Masses

March 30

Pretzel orders due--$1.20

7 PM Parish Lenten Penance Service

March 31

Dancing Classrooms Philly for grade 5

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