Welcome to the Library!

 Our library is a member of the Library World Operating System.  All of our information is now stored in the Cloud, which means that our catalogue can be accessed from any computer using the following link: EphremLibrary .  Students can search from home to see if a particular book is in our inventory or available at a particular time.  The name of our library site is ephremlibrary and you do not need to put in a password. Feel free to check us out!

Students from Kindergarten through eighth grade will be able to check out books from the first week of library class. Books are checked out for a period of one week at a time and should be returned each week. A student is not permitted to take a new library book if he or she has not returned the book from the previous week. Books may be renewed for as long as the student requires, but the book must be brought to the library each week for the renewal process. Students are expected to take good care of borrowed books and a fee may be charged for a book that is damaged or lost. Students will be assigned homework in the library on an occasional basis. Students are always given the requirements for any assignment along with the day it is due during library class. This information can also be found on the Homework Assignments page of this website

As always we are in need of generous parents who are willing to give of their time to assist in the library either on a regular basis or during the Book Fair. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form on the school communication site and send it in to school with your child or e-mail to me. If you have any questions, contact me through this website and I will be happy to get back to you.

The Saint Ephrem Library Home Page has links to many useful websites which will be used both in the library and in the classroom. There is also a link on this page that allows students to search for books from our library's collection from home. This is the link to the Library Home Page:

This is the link to the Saint Ephrem Library Library Homepage.

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