Lunch Menus and updates are located under the monthly menu tab                                     


      Any students with food allergies and medical issues please contact me for further information.

 NDS has a registered Dietitian on staff that we can contact to discuss food options with in the program.

School Lunch

NDS partners with 92 parochial, charter and small Christian schools throughout the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. On an average day 16,000 lunches are served. The School Lunch provides a student with 1/3 of their daily requirement for calories and key growth nutrients. In School Year 2012-13, the nutrient standards for the School lunch program were changed. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of whole grains served, and an increase in the quantity and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables served. NDS uses the “Reach for the Stars” theme to encourage students to select and eat their daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables