Welcome to Room 4   


The current fourth grade moving into fifth grade next year will receive an I Pad for their use in class as well as home.
Third Grade entering Fourth Grade will find Sept 2017 Summer Math and Reading assignments on my web site.  
(Fourth Grade entering Fifth Grade will need to go to Mrs. Anderson's web site for Summer Math and Reading assignments.)
 First in Math -Students may go on line- log in and practice skills at home.  

Please remember to view MSP to check your student's progress. You are to log on under your name not your child's name. If you have any issues with logging onto the site please contact Mrs. O .

Please send in an absent note with your child when he/she returns to school.  Written notes from you are needed for records. (The dates and reason should be recorded.) 

If  your child is leaving early or going home in a different capacity please send a written note to school that morning.  It is needed for our school records and it is also for the safety of your child.  

Homework for Grade 4 should be at least 1 hour each nightThis includes written and STUDY every night.   Weekend homework is for any subject your child needs to take extra study/practice time for himself/herself. (Especially if you know tests will be coming up within the week.)

 Please review your child's homework each night to make sure that the directions were followed and that the work is being completed correctlyWe review all assignments/directions and do examples-allowing time for questions.  The children do know that just filling anything in to complete the assignment does not necessarily make it correct-if this is done there is no credit for the work and it is considered a missed assignment.

 Please sign the Homework book and all written homework so you can help monitor that your child is prepared for class.

 If your child has study homework it is for information that we have discussed in class each day and it is important to review each evening so the information is retained and ready to be applied to other activities.

Weekends are a very good time to review/practice any subject that your child needs extra study.  The children are reminded of this every weekend.

 Pop quizzes will be given  (either orally or written) to help make sure the students are studying.  

Tests are to be signed and returned the next day--if the test is not back signed by the second day a demerit will be issued.  The children are always reminded to put the tests as well as any other important  papers in their HOME FOLDER.  The Home Folder goes home daily.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Please reference the specials teachers' websites for any information regarding Gym, Music, Computer and Art.  Any information for those classes would be posted on that particular site. 

Remember to attend Mass each week as a family.  We have so much to thank God for each day.  

God Bless You.
Mrs. Bowski