Welcome to St. Michael's Second Grade Website.

Here's hoping you are enjoying your summer vacation.
If you are looking for the summer assignment, check out the page to the left.

Stores have already started displaying back-to school items so
for those of you who would like to take care of getting ready for the new school year
before you go on vacation, here is what your second grader will need:

                                          five sharpened pencils
                                          box of crayons (16 or 24)
                                          yellow highlighter
                                          pointed tipped scissors
                                          white glue
                                          glue stick (bigger the better)
                                          two folders with pockets
                                          small box in which to keep the supplies

For our classroom, each child will also need to bring a box of tissues, a roll of paper towels, disinfecting wipes, and a ream of good copy paper.

Also many teachers like myself request that all books and copybooks get covered with clear contac paper.  You may want to stock up now while it is readily available than wait until school starts.

Enjoy your summer!