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Thank you! 

Special persons day was a huge success!  After a brief greeting in the classroom, we walked to church for a prayer service.  We returned to the auditorium for a snack and then headed to the classroom for activities.  The children were so excited about their visitors!  I think all visitors were impressed with the smartboard, how well the children were able to navigate it, and how many different ways they can learn from it.  They created an arts and crafts Easter Bunny.  They also played memory and bingo.  The day ended with a special gift that the children created beforehand with messages for their special guests.  I’m certain that our guests left the day feeling very loved and special!

I want to thank Tammi Schroeder, Liz Cooper, and Megan Kueny for volunteering for the day.  Thanks to all the parents who donated money for fruit trays. The setup for snack was amazing and the cafeteria very welcoming!  I also want to thank all of you for taking the time to arrange for a special person to come to school with your child.  I know it was not an easy task……elderly grandparents, out of towners, multiple siblings and cousins, work schedules, etc.   The day was fantastic and although your children don’t realize how difficult it can be for all this to come together, I do and I appreciate all your efforts in helping to make the day possible.  The children were full of joy and so excited to share what they do each day with someone so dear to them. 

Thanks again!

Lori Tomczak