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Hi parents!

Miss Fugo and I have been working very hard on kindness in the classroom and around our school. As part of this effort, we have implemented "partner play".

Partner play has taken place each Thursday and will do so until we have reached 6 weeks. Your child will be paired with a different preschooler each week who they don't usually play with. We will have "partner play" at center time only (about 1.5 hours). They will not be paired together all day long. They will need to make decisions together about where to play and for how long. We have been pleasantly surprised since the first week we tried it. Miss Fugo and I join in the play and also observe the children from afar. Some of the positives we are noticing are....

....some children stayed in a particular center longer than usual.

....some children played in centers they don't usually choose.

....turn taking and cooperation was excellent!

....they were making friends and having conversations with children they don't otherwise interact with.

....some children were much more involved in their work than usual.

....there were very few discipline issues. Miss Fugo and I did not have to interfere at all!

This will happen each Thursday so don't forget to ask your child who their partner was that day!

There is so much more to a preschooler's development than letters, numbers, and writing. I hope you will support what we are trying to do. I will update you as needed.

Thank you!

Lori Tomczak