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This year flew by!

Your children have grown so much! We got off to an extra slow start in the fall. The children were and have been very good listeners but it took a little longer to move ahead in our “academics” and work. I remember thinking in my head, “we are usually further along at this point”. But, we kept going at their pace and finally somewhere after Christmas, everything was clicking. Now to try and keep up with them. It just goes to show that not every class or child is the same and sometimes you have to “go with the flow”.

They have given us many laughs! They have matured from September to June more than any class in the last few years. September came with lots of tears (not wanting to come to school, getting hurt, not knowing how to solve problems, frustration in school work, missing moms, etc.). They leave here today with very little tears (mostly from still getting hurt on the playground or outside), more confidence and self-esteem in their abilities to try AND fail but getting back up and trying again! They have learned letters and numbers but, more importantly, they have learned how to share, make friends, and solve most of their issues by themselves and not always resorting to teachers. Continue to let them do what they can by themselves and only help when absolutely necessary.

I am confident that they are prepared for the upcoming school year! Continue to read to them over the summer. Let them use the extra pages in their journals to draw pictures and try to write a word describing that picture. Most of them can at least give you the beginning letter/sound. This can be great for trips, special events, picnics, etc. Please don’t look too much into the progress report. I am not a big fan of assessing preschoolers in this way. They are on target and I am confident they will be successful next year!

A special thank you to you, the parents! Your generosity and kindness is overwhelming. It is clear you appreciate those who love and take care of your children especially at this young age. You have been patient and supportive, even when you didn’t always agree with what I was trying to accomplish in the classroom. With so many opinions and personalities, it is not always easy, but you have made it a little easier by allowing me to do what I know to do and what has been successful over the years!

Have a fun, relaxing, and safe summer!

Lori Tomczak

Cheryl Fugo