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March has literally just flown by!  Wow! 

This month in PreK we began "partner play".  Each Thursday during playtime, your child will be matched up with another child that he/she doesn't usually play with or doesn't always get along with.  They must play together for the entire playtime, making decisions together, compromising with each other, and hopefully realizing some good in each other.  Seems like a "grown up" concept but they actually love it!  We have had 2 partner play days so far.  Some children are playing in centers they otherwise would not have and experiencing new things!  We will have 3 more weeks for a total of 5 weeks.  

Another concept we implemented this week and will do hopefully weekly, is "compliment circle".  The children will learn how to make and accept compliments.  Our first compliment circle was successful and over time, we hope to make more meaningful compliments to each other.  

Miss Lori Tomczak