Mission Statement


Mission Statement

 Saints Peter and Paul School is a Catholic community dedicated to academic excellence and the development of future leaders to be disciples of Christ with hearts to love and hands to serve.


  • We believe:

    -In educating the whole child: academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally

    -In providing a safe environment where students are physically and emotionally comfortable exploring their faith and curriculum in their own individual way

    -Respect is the foundation of our school

    -Christ is present in our school through prayer and our daily routine

    -In guiding each individual student to reach their full potential

    -In challenging students to discover their core values and express them through their lives.

    Profile of a Graduate
    A graduate of Saints Peter and Paul School is equipped for a successful future based on a solid foundation of service, education, leadership, and faith.

    -gives generously of time, talent, and resources
    -demonstrates hearts to love and hands to serve

    -effectively communicates written and spoken word
    -prepares for secondary education
    -strengthens problem solving skills
    -emerges into a lifelong learner
    -develops critical literacy
    -demonstrates 21st century technology skills

    -evolves into a moral, civic-minded individual
    -exemplifies a sense of responsibility and awareness of others
    -matures into a self-confident innovator
    -takes responsibility for their own actions

    -leads a Christ-centered life
    -strengthens their relationship with God through prayer and attending Mass
    -practices spiritual values
    -enters into discipleship
    -embraces a sense of family at home and school