Full Day Pre K News

 Dear Parents,

What a terrific first week we had! We had fun learning about the jobs people do in our school, painting with red paint at the easel, starting to write in our journals, establishing routines, playing ABC games on the Smart Board, and learning new poems and songs! We also:

---Met Chef Combo and tasted red watermellon!

---Discussed community helpers and the jobs that they do!

---Created self-portraits and apple tree pictures!

---Practiced greeting one another and used our “good manners”

---Had fun in Music Class!

---Visited the Library and read a book!

---Had fun and learned our “be safe!” rules on the playground!

This coming week our book is “Follow the Leader” by Emma Chichester Clark and our amazing words are follow, leader, quickly, rules, and woods. Our word of the week is "responsibility" and our question of the week is “How do you co-operate when playing a game?” We will also be talking about the letter “B”, bears, and the color blue. Some of our activities will include:

---Painting at the easel with blue paint

---Reading the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and following numbered clues to find our own “Mr. Bear” and his pot of honey!

---Tasting broccoli with Chef Combo!

---Learning the rules for and playing the games “Simon Says” and “Bingo”

---Defining character in our story

---Creating sets of red and blue objects

---Learning about ordinal numbers (first through fifth)

---Counting words in a sentence

---Identifying rhyming and positional words!


---Creating a collage with pictures beginning with the letter “B”!

---Framing words on our Smart Board and playing the Letter Game!

---Talking about this week’s gospel and learning the Sign of the Cross and the Angel of God prayer!

The forms for our first field trip to Milky Way Farm have been sent home. Again, the date will be October 2nd at 9:30 AM. We will plan to meet at the farm @ 9:15 in the Creamery parking lot and we will be sending home maps and more information in the near future. After the tour, which lasts about 90 minutes, the children will return to school for lunch and the remainder of the day. This is always a terrific trip and you can learn more about the farm at www.milkywayfarm.com.

For Show and Tell this week ( Friday) the children may bring in their favorite stuffed bear if they would like! Also, some magazine pictures that begin with the letter “B” for our letter collage! Buddy Bear will start going home this week and every child will get a turn throughout the year! Have a great week!

Mrs. Mary Wirth

Mrs. Gina Phelan

P.S. Could you please be sure to label your child’s backpack, lunch box, etc.? Thanks!! Also, please be sure to pack snack in a separate bag – not in the lunch box! Makes it easier for the children to know what is for snack and what is for lunch!!