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Video Challenge

Short clips of various educational videos, relating to the current curriculum will be posted here.  You may view the videos and challenge yourself to think critically in answering the questions. Have fun!

We loved our trip to Herr Foods Inc.!!


In Religion we will soon be learning about holy people in our church's history. Our Pope, Pope Francis, will be visiting the United States! Think about the following questions as you watch the video.

1.  What is Pope Francis' real name?
2.  Where did he grow up?
3.  What serious thing happened to his lungs?
4.  What does he believe in and how can you live like him?

How do they Choose the Pope? 

In Chapter 2, We Belong to the Church, we learned about the sacrament of Baptism. Have fun watching the video explaining why we get baptized.

In Chapter 3, We learned about saints. We can't wait until our Saint Parade and Museum on October 30th! Have fun watching the video explaining how to become a saint.

In Chapter 5, Making Good Choices, we learned about our conscience. We learned how it tells us right from wrong. Have fun watching the video of Pinocchio as he learns about his conscience and what he should do if he is tempted to make a wrong choice.   :)

In Chapter 6, we learned about God's forgiveness. Have fun watching the video on Reconciliation.

What are the three names for this holy sacrament of healing?
What is the prayer or kind act that we do to make up for our sins called?
What is the prayer that we say that tells God we are sorry?
What do we receive in Reconciliation?

We will be learning about the Sacraments of Initiation. Watch the following video and think about the following questions.

1. There are three sacraments of Initiation. Can you name them? 
2. Which sacraments have you received? 
3. What Sacrament of Initiation  will you receive this year? What other sacrament will you receive this year?

The Good Samaritan

Jesus knew that people from the country of Samaria were not well liked. But Jesus wanted all people to care about others. Jesus told a story about a Jewish man and a Samaitan man. Watch the video to recall the story and think about the following questions.

1. Who hurt the traveler?
2. What did the religious leader and the Temple worker do?
3. Who did stop to help the traveler?
4. How did the Samaritan man help the traveler?

*A hero helps others even when doing so is hard. The Samaritan had courage. He helped a stranger who needed him. He was a good person.

We are studying the holy saints. Saint Francis of Assisi feast is October 4th.
Watch the biography.

1. What did you learn about St. Francis' family?
2. What did he do for his community and which other saint was he friends with in his life?
3. How can you live out the message of St. Francis?

Catholic Schools

We will be celebrating Nation Catholic School's Week.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was instrumental in forming Catholic education in our country.  Watch and learn a little about her life. 

1.  When do we celebrate her feast day?
2.  What other holy things did she do in her life?
3.  Think about one personal fact about her life?  Was she married?  Did she have children?  How is this the same or different then other saints you have learned about?
4.  Name other saints that you know of that have helped form Catholic education.

Holy Communion


Our summer author was Tomie DePaola. He is an author/illustrator. Watch the following story by Tomie DePaola and think about the questions as you watch.

1. Who are the main characters?
2. Where does the story take place (setting)?
3. What is the problem in the story? How is it solved?

We will be learning about writing complete sentences using subjects and predicates.
The subject tells who or what the sentence is about.
The predicate tells what the subject does.

We will be learning about homophones.
Homophones are words that sound alike, but have different spellings and meanings.
Watch the video as Larry sings about homophones.
 Can you think of some other homophones you know?
Write down a pair of homophone. Use each one in a sentence.

Example:  see - sea
I can see the white snowflakes falling from the sky.
There are many different creatures that live in the

We learned that there are 2 sounds for the letter C. Hard C and Soft C.  :)

We learned that there are 2 sounds for the letter g. Hard g and soft g.  :)


Watch the video below and think about plural words.

1.  What does the word plural mean?

2.  What word means the opposite of plural?
3.  How do you make a word plural?  How do you know whether to add an s or an es?  (Hint: Think of the word endings)


Unit 3 Lesson 12 Violet's Music by Angela Johnson

Phonics - "When 2 Vowels Go Walking"

Spelling Lesson 1 
Short a,i 

Spelling Lesson 12
Geraldine the Giraffe helps us learn the spelling rule for Long a spelled ai, and ay. 

We are learning the 5 Parts to a Friendly Letter. We love to practice by singing
this song!!!

Synonyms :) 

(Science/ELA Connection)

We're learning about Weather and the Seasons

We will be reading Diary of  Spider by Doreen Cronin. Have fun listening to this modern day version of the song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and answer the following questions: 

Facts about Spiders
We know spiders have 2 body parts (the abdomen and the thorax).
We know spiders have 8 legs. How many legs is the spider in this video missing?
What is Arachnophobia?
Is there anything you are afraid of?  


We are learning subtraction strategies. Listen to the following song about subtraction.
1. What are the two parts called in subtraction? What's the answer called?
2. What are the different ways you can subtract?


Listen to the following subtraction rap. It helps explain how to borrow in subtraction.  :) 

Listen to the following song about relate
d facts and fact families and think about the following questions:

1. How can you make a related addition fact?
2. Name two related addition facts
3. Who are the four family members in a fact family? What jobs do they do?

In Chapter 3 we learned about place value. We also learned how to write numbers in many different ways. We even learned Roman Numerals! Have fun singing the song. Try to sing the Roman Numerals up to the number 18!!  :)

In Chapter 4 We are learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten. Enjoy the video!

In Chapter 9 We are learning about Graphing. Watch what Moby and Annie have to say about Bar Graphs, Pictographs, Surveys and Tally Charts. 

(Social Studies)

We will learn about Christopher Columbus. Watch this song about Columbus. See if you can answer the following questions:

Where did Columbus grow up?
What country did he sail for?
Who did he ask for money?
What was he trying to accomplish?
Christopher needed to be very brave and have lots of courage. What is something that you needed to have courage for in order to accomplish?

We will observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day this month.  Watch the video below and think about the following questions.

1.  At what time during the month of January do we celebrate MLK Day?
2. What did his "I Have a Dream Speech" say?  What did he try to get the people        to understand through this speech?
3.  What adjectives or describing words would you use to describe this leader?
4.  How can you live like Dr. King?



On October 21st, the local Fire Company will come to talk to us about Fire Safety. 

Can you recall some important facts they spoke about?

What should you do if you smell or see smoke?

Is it a good idea to hide if you're scared?

Why is it important to practice a fire drill at school and at home?

Enjoy this Fire Safety video. :)

 We are learning about the Presidents. Presidents day is celebrated on the second Monday in February. Have fun learning fun facts from Moby and Annie about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. 


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