About Us


St. Eugene School provides an EXCELLENT education:

·         Our teachers continue their own professional development to help their students; more than 80% of our teachers have their Masters’ Degrees or are currently pursuing their Masters’ Degrees.

·         We have special teachers for Gym (certified trainer), Art, Spanish, Library Skills, Technology and Instrumental Music.

·         We have successfully procured State Funding and grants to enhance our “Cutting-Edge” Technology Programs, which provide our students with the technological skills necessary to prepare students for the future workforce.  We have mounted projectors and interactive Smart Boards in every classroom; two Chromebook carts and three iPad carts for whole class use, two sets of interactive classroom response systems, a computer lab where students have weekly small group lessons and a full-time technology coordinator.

·         We have newly updated Reading, Math and Science curriculum texts, with strong technology components, to provide students with a quality education.

·         Our students consistently score above the national averages in the Terra Nova standardized testing.

·         We have strong communication with parents through an online grading system (MyStudentsProgress), an active school website and a text, email and voice Emergency Notification System, which complement our weekly communications folder.

·         We have an Instrumental Band Program, Children’s Choir, CARES Program, Hot Lunch Program and active CYO to complement our school program. 


St. Eugene School is ACCESSIBLE:

·         We are located in Primos, Upper Darby.  We attract most of our families from the Upper Darby, Southeast Delco and William Penn School Districts.  We currently have students from eleven parishes enrolled in our school.  Upper Darby, William Penn, Southeast Delco and Springfield provide busing to our students this year.

·         St. Eugene School has a wonderful campus, with good security, plenty of onsite parking, green areas, a baseball field, a gym, cafeteria and classroom building all in good physical condition.

·         Our school has an on-going proactive preventive maintenance programs for efficient and effective building operations. We have a central station fire protection system, actively participate in the “Safe Schools Program,” complete an annual facility “due diligence” inspection program and are implementing a GREEN program for our campus.

·         We have a CARES after-school program, from 2:30-5:30 each day in our building. Today's Child, Step by Step and Tiny Miracles also provide day care for our students.


St. Eugene School is AFFORDABLE:

·         St. Eugene Parish is financially stable, with one of the lowest tuitions in the area while the parish subsidy is within Archdiocesan guidelines.  EITC programs and a SCRIP program complement our effective income generating programs.


St. Eugene School has proven itself to be SUSTAINABLE:

·         Our enrollment has remained stable.  We have successfully sustained 99% of our enrollment over the past ten years: 231 students in 1999 and 223 students in 2009. We opened the 2014 school year with 225 students.

·         St. Eugene School has one class of each grade.  Our average class size is 25 students.  We are currently at 86% of our building capacity.  We have a part-time teacher's aide to assist in Kindergarten-Grade 3.



Class sizes include:
Kindergarten - 25 students
First Grade - 25 students
Second Grade - 25 students
Third Grade - 25 students
Fourth Grade - 25 students
Fifth Grade - 28 students
Sixth Grade - 20 students
Seventh Grade - 27 students
Eighth Grade - 25 students
St. Eugene School 110 S. Oak Ave. Primos, PA 19018 610-622-2909
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