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November 2, 2014
Mass of the Recently Deceased - 8:30 AM Upper Church
Family Mass - Liturgy of the Word for Children 10AM

November 3, 2014
Room 12 First Penance Mtg.
Rectory Meeting Rm. 7PM

November 6, 2014
Innisbrook Delivery

November 7, 2014
School Pictures Grades K-7

November 9, 2014
Family Mass - Liturgy of the Word for Children 10 AM


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August 2014

Dear Parents,

Target, Staples and Wal-Mart have all been reminding us that back-to-school days are indeed upon us. It is hard to believe that in just a few days the school bell will ring out to welcome your child(ren) to St. Matthew School.

In my few weeks at SMS the welcome bells have already been peeling loudly. I had heard only the most positive and good things about this parish and school since receiving my assignment here –and it took less than twenty-four hours to realize that your fine reputation is indeed justified. It was certainly evident in the remarkable turnout for our plea for assistance in distributing the hundreds of cartons of books last week. That was quite an endeavor and I thank everyone who helped with it. Likewise, I am grateful to Fr. Slobogin, the sisters in the convent, the teachers and staff and the parents and students whom I have met for making me feel right at home. I welcome Mrs. Megan Dunfee (Librarian), Mrs. Marita Wolk (PreK), Mrs. Stephanie Dignam (Grade 3), Mrs. Therese Danella (Grade 6), Mrs. Nicole Boyes (Grade 7) and
Mrs. Alison Gipson (Grade 8) who also come new to St. Matthew School.

May I take this opportunity to offer special thanks to Sister Kate who has performed administrative wonders in leaving everything in such good order. I am also most grateful to Sister Irene Loretta, Mrs. Fassnacht, and Mrs. Lipscomb who have already worked so hard
in facilitating this transition and preparing for the new school year. Thank you too to
Mrs. Zachwieja for keeping the Scrip rolling all summer. Last, and certainly not least, a huge round of grateful applause to Mr. Arocho, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Ariosto, Mr. Nolen and their helpers Joe and Colin, and Mrs. Porreca and Mrs. Hartigan, our fine maintenance staff, who have spent their summer getting us in such good shape. Please keep Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Ariosto in your good prayers as they recuperate from some health concerns.

Information regarding the opening of school has been published several times in the parish bulletin. If you are still uncertain as to the times, logistics, etc., please reference those bulletins on the parish website (www.stmattsparish.com).

May I congratulate you on your choice of providing your children with a Catholic education. As you well know, it is our mission and goal to help you teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring it to life in their lives. In looking around at Church, I have been introduced to many young, beautiful, smiling faces that give me much to look forward to as ‘the day’ approaches. I am eager to meet you at our back-to-school gatherings and happily anticipate working with you, our fine, dedicated teachers, and most especially with those very special little people, the children. God bless you.

Sister John Magdalen



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