General Announcements for the 4th grade

Did you know that every 4th grader and their families are invited to visit any of the National Parks for free? http://www.nationalparks.org/ook/ekiap-signup Now you do!

Our class code for ordering Scholastic online is GLQNT. If sending in a check, please make checks payable to Scholastic Inc.  NO CASH, please.

Schedule of Specials:
Room 24:  Day 1- Music, Day 2 - Art, Day 3 - TTL/Library, Day 4 - Spanish, Day 5 - Choir, Day 6 - Gym
Room 25:  Day 1 - Art, Day 2 - Music, Day 3 - Gym, Day 4 - TTL/Library, Day 5 - Choir, Day 6 - Spanish
Room 26:  Day 1 - TTL/Library, Day 2 - Gym, Day 3 - Spanish, Day 4 - Music, Day 5 - Choir, Day 6 - Art

Name Change!
Ms. McDugall's name is now Mrs. O'Neil. Her new WMA email address is coneil@waldronmercy.org.

Students need to wear winter uniforms starting Monday October 24th.

Week of October 24, 2016

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Do "Check Your Progress", text p.90 #8-29 in copybook; prepare for test on Chapter 2 on Thursday; notes are on Google classroomWorkbook p.24; prepare for test on chapter 2 on Thursday; notes are on Google classroomPrepare for Chapter 2 test tomorrow; notes for test are on Google classroomWorkbook p.26


Last call for toiletries and bags of candy for BethesdaVery last call for toiletries and bags of candy for Bethesda

Language Arts

Reader's Notebook page 39Voyages PB page 23Voyages PB pages 24-25Study for Reading and Spelling TestsHave a wonderful weekend :)


Read textbook pgs. D34-D37 by Wednesday

Read textbook pgs. D40-D43 by Friday

Social Studies

 wb pg. 13, study for  Ch. 2 test on Thursday

Study for Ch. 2 test on ThursdayStudy for Ch. 2 test tomorrow

Don't Forget


Week of October 31

Day 1

Day 0

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


No homeworkNo homework


Halloween - Stay safe and have fun!All Saints DayFinish your saint superhero by FridayFinish your saint superhero by Friday

Language Arts



Social Studies

 Don't Forget     

From Mrs. Guarini:


A1    M3

A2    M6

A3    A6

A9    M4

M1   M7

M2   B1-B9


Basic Words:
1. block
2. shown
3. oatmeal
4. wrote
5. fellow
6. scold
7. coast
8. odd
9. locate
10. slope
11. throat
12. host
13. online
14. shock
15. solve
16. known
17. remote
18. stock
19. boast
20. globe

Challenge Words:
1. bonus
2. approach
3. motion
4. continent
5. accomplish

Vocabulary Words - Lesson 4
1. assist - to help someone
2. burglaries - people who commit burglaries break into buildings/homes and steal things
3. innocent - a person who is innocent has done nothing wrong, opposite of guilty
4. scheme - a detailed plan to get something done
5. regretfully - speaking in a way that shows you are sorry or feel sad that something has happened
6. misjudged - to form an incorrect idea about something or someone
7. suspect - a person who people think might be guilty of a crime
8. favor - an act of kindness that someone does, even though he or she does not have to
9. speculated - to make an educated guess or prediction about something
10. prior - beforehand, in advance


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