General Announcements for the 4th grade

Outgoing 4th graders - congratulations and all the best in the forthcoming years.

Incoming 4th graders - review the Tips for a Successful Fourth Grade, Critical Thinking/Higher Order Thinking Skills, solidify your basic facts (answer any basic fact question (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) within 3 seconds or less. Check out the Math Links to help. Read, read, and read. The better you know your basic facts and the easier it is for you to read fluently and comprehend your reading well, the more time you'll have time to play. Finally, enjoy your summer and see you in the new school year.

8/5/14 Check out Mr. Sheng's section on the bottom for some tips for even a more successful 4th grade!


Mrs. Guarini

Each student entering fourth grade is asked to practice your math skills by working in either your math packet or a math skills book (You may purchase one from www.summerskills.com or you may purchase one at any bookstore.)  Bring the packet or book with you on the first day of school, and I will give you credit for your summer work! Also, keep practicing your math facts and times tables.  

But, even more important:
Play outside - bike, swim, shoot baskets - whatever is fun for you!
Read a book you want to read.
Go outside on a beautiful warm night and look at the stars, catch some lightning bugs, listen to the sounds of the night.
Make a great s'more.
Watch the fireworks.
Jump some waves and build something in the sand.
Run around in the rain (no lightning, though).
Play on a playground - swing on the swings, climb like a monkey, slide down every slide.
Eat your lunch outside.
Experience nature - walk in a creek, watch some ants, listen to the birds, study the clouds.
Make something.
Challenge yourself.
Try something new.
Do a good deed and  don't tell anyone.
Invite a friend over to play.
Play a board game like checkers, chinese checkers, or chess.
Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
Visit the public library - borrow books, browse DVDs, page through magazines that interest you, check out their special programs.
Help cook a meal, make dessert for everyone, make lemonade or iced tea.
Talk with someone older or younger than you.
Make a new friend.
Feel the sun on your face.
Smell the cut grass and the flowers.
Dance in the sprinkler.
Blow bubbles.
Roll down a hill.
Fly a kite on the beach.
Have a "lazy day" that has nothing scheduled.

Better still, grab a parent and have him/her do these with you, so they can enjoy summer too!

Have a great time! See you in September!


Ms. McDugall - Language Arts

I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend! There will not be any homework this week in Language Arts! As we finish out the school year, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, refreshing, fun-filled summer vacation!


Mr. Sheng's Science and Social Studies Class
Outgoing 4th Graders - It has a been an honor and a pleasure teaching you this year. Use what you have learned in 4th grade and continue changing the world for the better.

Incoming 4th Graders (8/5/14 update) - We're a month away. 

Solidify your basic math facts and read a lot, that way you'll have more time to play.  Play with 

Lego, Tinkertoys, K’Nex, and blocks; play with 

Clay and Playdoh; play 

Board Games like Rush Hour, Mastermind, Connect 4, Connect 4 Stackers; do 

Logic Puzzles; help with 

Cooking; help 

Plan and go on Outings; check out



http://www.mind360.com/ and watch Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel to get your brain ready for a challenging and very fun year.


Fourth Grade's Art Page

Music - Please click on the word Music to go to the Music Homework page.  Thank you.