General Announcements for the 4th grade

The 4th graders took a poll as to what they would like as their Halloween Dress-Up Theme. The winner is...dress up as a movie character. Being that there are 3 year olds in the school, the characters need to be appropriate so as not to frighten or cause issue to the younger students.

Winter Uniforms begin Monday, October 27. Dressing in the Waldron Mercy Academy uniform is an important part of the school day. Teachers will enforce the uniform policy. If it is necessary for a child to be out of uniform, a note should be sent to the the homeroom teacher. Boys' hair should be trimmed so as not to touch their collars. Girls' hair should be neatly groomed, also. Baseball or other hats, bandannas, and headbands decorated with big flowers, etc. may not be worn. Jewelry should be simple and not distracting. No body piercings are permitted, except pierced ears. Earrings should be no larger than 1 1/2 cm and without hoops. Cosmetics should be sheer or neutral. Clear, sheer nail polish or a French manicure may be worn. Extreme hair coloring and visible tattoos are not permitted. Students may only wear Spirtwear (no flannel pants) in place of their gym uniforms for physical education class.

Girls winter uniform - navy plaid kilt, white turtleneck, navy crew sweater or vest with embroidered Mercy Shield logo, standard shoe is the Eastland Plainview brown oxford.

Boys winter uniform - white dress shirt (with WMA school tie) or white turtleneck, khaki pants, navy V-neck sweater or vest with embroidered Mercy Shield logo, navy crew socks or white or black athletic socks (just showing or to the ankle), black belt, standard shoe is the Eastland Plainview brown oxford.


Mrs. Guarini - October 20-October 24

Our Faces of Mercy video is ready and will be shown at community gathering.  See it here first! https://animoto.com/play/6rdT730r7IGh9tfKp1qMmg

Math and Religion
Monday - Math:  Workbook p.34 
Religion:  Study for test on Pre-History stories (typed notes in copybook)

Tuesday - Math: Study and practice for a double quiz tomorrow (3:1-3:9)- front-end estimation, addition, and subtraction.

Wednesday - Math: Do "Chapter 3 Test" in text on p.122 (answers in copybook or on paper); study and practice for test on Chapter 3 on Friday. 
Thursday - Math: Prepare and practice for test on Chapter 3 tomorrow.

Challenge 5 Packet 2 due no later than Wednesday, October 29 (Date has changed to one week later than before)


Ms. McDugall - Language Arts

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! This week, we will begin a new mentor text as well as a new grammar unit. We will also finish our novel projects and publish our Descriptive Paragraphs. Fourth graders will present these projects in front of their classmates at the end of the week. Our next round of Reading Skills and Spelling tests will be on Tuesday, October 28th. This will culminate Theme 1 in Reading. Let's have another wonderful week!


Monday 10/20
, Day 4 - Reading PB page 61

Tuesday 10/21, Day 5 - Reading PB pages 64-65

Wednesday 10/22, Day 6 - Type Descriptive Paragraph

Thursday 10/23, Day 1 - Voyages PB page 22

Friday 10/24, Day 2 - Have a nice weekend!

Spelling List (test on Tuesday, October 28th)

1. steel
2. steal
3. lead
4. led
5. wait
6. weight
7. wear
8. ware
9. creak
10. creek
11. beet
12. beat
13. meet
14. meat
15. peek
16. peak
17. deer
18. dear
19. ring
20. wring

Challenge Words
1. pour
2. pore
3. vain
4. vein
5. vane


Mr. Sheng's Science and Social Studies Class
Week of October 20 - 24, 2014

Monday – Day 4

Science Homework: Read D60-67.

Social Studies Homework: Reread Chapter 2, Lessons 1 & 2. Study for test on Wednesday.

Tuesday – Day 5

Science Homework: Read D68-73.

Social Studies Homework: Reread Chapter 2, Lesson 3 and Map and Globe Skills. Study for tomorrow’s test. Quiz corrected and signed.


Wednesday – Day 6

Science Homework: Read D74-81.

Social Studies Homework: Put Chapter 2 papers in Homebox.

Respect Life Prayer Service 8:10am

Thursday – Day 1

Science Homework: Read D82-89.

Social Studies Homework: Test signed and corrected. Read Chapter 3, Lesson 1. Chapter 3 test on Thursday, November 6.

Friday – Day 3

Science Homework: Put Weather papers in Home Box.

Social Studies Homework: Reread Chapter 3, Lesson 1. Quiz on Monday.

Winter Uniforms begin Monday.

Parents, if a student (and you) are struggling with getting an assignment done for my classes, whether it be content area or because of technology, please send me a note in the homework notebook or email and move on. We'll figure it out the next day.

Ongoing Science and Social Studies Tests and Projects:

Online Science Lab Book wiki here. How to videos here

Science - Weather Unit will be assessed with an in-class project. Solar System Unit will be assessed with a test.

When preparing for Science tests, use your textbook, copybook notes (including your lab notes), study guide, outlines, handouts, Brainpops, flash cards and/or www.flashcardmachine.com. Study a little bit each day, as soon, as the test is announced. Refer to the Study Skills sheet in your copybook for additional tips as well.


Social Studies - Chapter 3 Test on Thursday, November 6.
When preparing for Social Studies tests, use your textbook, workbook, copybook notes, study guide, outlines, lesson review answers, quizzes, flash cards and/or www.flashcardmachine.com. Study a little bit each day, as soon, as the test is announced. Refer to the Study Skills sheet in your copybook for additional tips as well.

State and Territory Project due dates:

RESEARCH DUE: Friday, January 9, 2015

POWERPOINT DUE: Thursday, April 16, 2015
BROCHURE DUE: Friday, May 1, 2015
BLOG DUE: Friday, May 15, 2015
FLOAT DUE: Thursday, May 21, 2015

PROJECT PRESENTATION: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 

Shop Online for Scholastic Book Orders. Go to www.scholastic.com/readingclub
One-Time Class Activation Code: HKTD2


Fourth Grade's Art Page

Music - Please click on the word Music to go to the Music Homework page.  Thank you.