Science Links

Science Textbook

Online Science Lab Book (wiki)

Find songs about Science concepts.
Sing About Science

States of Matter

Much more science, but those who are interested in more science, it is a 
great explanation. For those who aren't, remember there is the Brainpop's 
that we watched and you can re-watch.
Khan Academy's Explanation of States of Matter

Matter - States of Matter game

Weather Links
Weather - Basic Ingredients

The Weather Dude

Weather - Water in the Atmosphere

Weather - Enchanted Learning's Atmosphere

Weather - Air Masses and Fronts

Weather - Kid's Geo Air Masses

Weather - Instruments

Weather - Clouds

Weather - Enchanted Learning's Clouds

Weather - BBC's What's Weather

Weather - Weather Wiz Kids Weather and Climate

Weather - Tree House Weather

Weather Wiz Kids games

Interactive Weather Maker

Extreme Weather - Tornadoes

Extreme Weather by National Geographic

Solar System Links
Phases of the Moon

Bill Nye's Moon Phases and Baseball

Use your first name and last initial. Watch Part 1 & 2.
Rotation and Revolution

Trip Around the Solar System - music video

They Might Be Giants music video - How Many Planets?

Planets Around a Star Song

The Solar System by NASA

Solar System - Kid Astronomy

Solar System - Enchanted Learning's Astronomy

Solar System - the Solar System by National Geographic

ESA's Solar System page

Solar System -'s Solar System pages

Solar System - images

The Scale of the Universe

NASA's Space Place

Rocks and Minerals Links
Rocks and Minerals - Rock Cycle website

Types of Rocks games and videos

Identify Rock Types game

Mineralogy games

Living Things links
Living Things - Plant and Animal Cell Simulation

Living Things - Construct A Cell

Inside a Cell

Plant and Animal Cells

Virtual Cell Lab

Brainpop Control of the Cell Cycle game

Human Body System links
Human Body Systems - The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Human Body Systems - Medtropolis

Brainpop Cell Command game


Skeletal/Muscular Systems
Skeletal/Muscular Systems - Skeleton Shakedown

Skeletal/Muscular Systems - Science Interactive Body

Skeletal/Muscular Systems - Kids Health - Your Muscles

Skeletal/Muscular Systems - Kids Health - Your Bones

Kids Biology - Skeletal System

Kids Biology - Muscular System

Try Science's Extreme Challenge

Respiratory/Circulatory System links
Keeping Heart Healthy Game

Respiratory Labeling

Map of the Human Heart

All Systems Go

Brainpop Blood Typing game

Brainpop You Make Me Sick game

Respiratory System Interactive

Nervous/Digestive Systems
Gut Game

Build a Body Digestive System

Digestion Tutorial

Reaction Time Game

Human Body Systems - Optical Illusions 1

Human Body Systems - Optical Illusions 2

Human Body Systems - Optical Illusions 3

Ducksters Brain

Ducksters Nervous System

Parts of the Brain

Brain Facts

Brain Games

Force and Motion links
Force and Motion - Digger and the Gang

Force and Motion - Parkworld

Force and Motion - Forces in Action

Force and Motion - Funderstanding Coaster

Scholastic Study Jams Force & Motion

Forces in Action

Forces at the Fun Fair

Simple Machines Links
Medieval Levers

Balancing Levers

Robot Factory - Wheels and Levers

Ed Heads Simple Machines

Simple Machines Game

Fantastic Contraptions

Scratch and WeDO links
Lego WeDO tutorials

Scratch Starter Projects

Lego WeDO and Scratch - Getting Started

Scratch & WeDO video Part I

Scratch & WeDO video Part II

More WeDO/Scratch Projects

Scratch ED

Unofficial Blog for WeDO Designs

Hundreds of Scratch/WeDo videos

Once you've mastered Scratch or just are curious to see what other 
programming is out there, check out this link.
After Scratch?

123D - 3D printer software

Coding Links
Hour of Code

Interactive courses to learn programming.

Python programming language
Interactive Python

For those who Minecraft. Learn to code while playing it.
Learn to Mod

Learn to do Java in Minecraft

Kodu - build games, play games, share games

Code Combat




Minecraft and Coding


Frozen and Coding

Brainpop's Coding Links

Star Wars and Coding

Angry Birds and Coding

Monster Coding

Run Marco! A Coding Adventure

Made with Code

MIT App Inventor

Microsoft and NASA's Coding Contest

Multi-Disciplinary links
Project Fair Play

Science 24/7

National Geographic Kids

Engineering Games

Engineer Girl

Mensa for Kids

Science Competitions/Contests

Rube Goldberg Links