Happy New Year!!! 

Grade 7 STEM NASA greenhouse challenge

Your team has been assigned the task of developing a mobile hydroponic garden for the Mission to Mars. You will be transporting the seedlings and basic equipment needed on the flight. You will use Martian soil and water when you arrive, however you need to create net pots from the 3D printing station for the plants to grow in.

Your team will need to design a net pot to grow your seedling using 3D modeling software. The dimensions of the pot cannot exceed 10cm width by 6.5 cm height. It should be perforated to allow water to enter and solid root growth.

You can download the software for free – 123D Design. CLICK HERE

Please note, you will be able to create your design more efficiently with the PC or Mac program and a 3 button mouse rather than the iPad app. The app is limited in function compared to the full program

Please create a user name and logon. Your user name should be – WMAStudent (student number) Please create a team password that you can share with team members and Ms. Pierce.

Please contact Mr. Borton with any questions and to arrange time to create and print. Laptops will be available to you throughout the entire projects in the Ensemble Room, please reserve your time as soon as possible.

Good luck and good growing!!!