• We will be celebrating 100 Days of School in PreK on Friday, February 24th.  You will see a gallon size ziplock bag along with a letter attached explaining the activity.  This fun 100 Days of School project is due back to school on Friday, February 24th.  Please note this will be our Show 'N Tell for Friday.     
  • I am presently working on the March Guest Reader calendar.  Please email me or write a note with two available dates when you can come in and read to the children next month.  I will do my best to give you your first choice.      

  • There are some wonderful activities planned for the children to explore and learn throughout the week.  We will be going into Week 2 of Theme 7 "In the City, In the Country".  The children will learn about the country and the city, opposites, the letter Q from our alphafriend Queenie Queen, graphing, and 100 Days of School.  The Gospel story this week is about how Jesus wants us to be friends.