Week of March 27 Happenings

Room 11 is Peanut Free 

-Clubs are on Monday, March 27.
-Library is on Monday, March, 27.
-Book orders are due Wednesday, March 29. Thanks  for sharing the gift of reading with your child.
-During Lent Pizza Day will be FRIDAY. 
-In celebration of Mrs. Stetser's birthday on Wednesday; the administration is asking for all children and staff to dress in purple...Mrs. Stetser's favorite color! The children DO NOT need to wear their uniform, but instead, all hues in the purple family!
-Practice current and past spelling words on Spelling City. The goal of our spelling is for the children to transfer the knowledge into their everyday writing. Practice will help achieve that goal!

-Use the Fact Triangles to practice addition/subtraction facts daily. Goal is for children to easily recognize the sums and differences. 

A portion of this year's Tigerfest Auction proceeds will be used to upgrade our playgrounds. Please support this annual fundraiser. Our students will thank you!



                                                                                                   Mrs. Eileen Aurand

Monday         Day 4          Library and Art
Tuesday        Day 5          Choir                      
Wednesday   Day 6          Computers
Thursday      Day 1          Music
Friday           Day 2          Spanish      
Monday         Day 3          Gym