What's Happening?

WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20th – 24th

Hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine’s Day week and enjoyed the gorgeous Presidents’ Day Holiday weekend.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Valentine’s Day Party a success and for helping your child write out their Valentine cards. The party was a blast and everyone loved exchanging cards.

Thank you also for completing the re-enrollment form!

Our Star Student this week will be Charlie!!!

Please join us and the rest of the Waldron Community this Wednesday, February 22nd at 8:15 A.M. for a very special Community Gathering as we celebrate Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster with a very special “Lion Dance”! Be sure to wear something red as a symbol of good fortune and joy.


A letter explaining the assignment and tooth forms were sent home with your child on Thursday. This assignment is due this week on your child’s sharing day. Please see the “sharing” tab for details.

On Friday, February 24th, we will be celebrating 100 DAY in Pre-K. Please be on the lookout for a 100 Day assignment coming home this week. Everyone is asked to fill a Ziploc bag (which we will provide) with 100 of a specific item. For example, 100 Q-tips, 100 red crayons, 100 M&Ms, 100 paper clips, etc. Please make sure that you fill the bag with 100 of the same item. The assignment is due on Thursday, February 23rd.


As we continue our theme, “In The City, In The Country”, we will shift our focus this week from the country to the city as we explore the hustle and bustle of city life. Queenie Queen and Mr. Q make an appearance this week as we learn all about the letter Q. Queenie Queen is quiet and quick to learn, while Mr. Q is curious and full of questions that he likes to ask to help him learn.

In math, we will revisit the number “5”. In conjunction with our theme, we will continue learning about money (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) to identify and sort coins, and explore the use and meaning of currency and coins.


DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27th: HWT Number “5” booklet and Letter “Q” Worksheet – Please have your child complete the booklet and worksheet this week and return it by the due date. Remember to have your child write their name on their booklet/worksheet, trace and write the number and letter using the HWT terminology (big lines, little lines, big curves, little curves) and always starting all letters and numbers at the top, and color in the pictures.

PAST DUE: If you haven’t completed and turned in the previous HWT number booklets (1, 2, 3, 4) and letter worksheets (B, M, R, Q), please do so as soon as possible.

Please continue working on calendar skills (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, tomorrow) rhyming words, beginning letter sounds for letters we’ve learned so far (A, B, C, F, M, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, Z), syllable word counting, writing the letters of the alphabet, counting by rote to 100, and writing numbers 0-10, cutting with scissors at home.


In our Seeds Gospel this week we learn that Jesus wants us to be friends by loving one another through kind and loving actions.


Specials this week will be as noted on the PreK-B Web Page under “Weekly/Specials Schedule”.

Please join us for a fun night of fund raising at WMA’s annual silent and live auction on Saturday, April 1st at the Hilton City Line Avenue. The theme will be “Down the Rabbit Hole”. It will be a Mad Tea Party and is sure to be a fun night out. Tigerfest is a great opportunity to meet new parents and catch up with old friends while enjoying a delicious dinner and bidding on some fabulous items in support of our students. For more details please go to https://waldronmercy.ejoinme.org/Tigerfest2017. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, please contact Alison Nolan at
anolan@waldronmercy.org in the Tigerfest Office.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Leuzzi & Miss Harrison