Library / Media Center

NAME: Ms. Caitlin Mulroy

SCHOOL: Waldron Mercy Academy

CLASS: Citizens

SCHOOL PHONE: 610-664-9847


Hi! My name is Ms. Mulroy and I am the teacher librarian at Waldron Mercy 
Academy. I am new to the library this year, but I am not new to WMA! After 
living out of state for two years, I am more excited than ever to rejoin 
the Mercy family. Reading IS my superpower! 

Students grade 4-8 will join me for a brand new class called CITIZENS. 
Anyone who uses the internet or a library is a Citizen of Information. 
That means you! In CITIZENS, we will learn and study about digital 
citizenship, online integrity, curation, research, 
information literacy, online networking, and study skills!

I will be seeing you in the library and in your classroom! Come see me to 
check out a book, use a computer for research, do homework, or read! 


The mission of the Albert T. Perry Memorial Library is to provide resources 
and activities that will enable students and staff to become independent, 
effective, and critical users of information as well as to instill a life-
long love of reading.

We accomplish our mission with a collection of over 13,000 volumes, 25 
subscriptions to journals and periodicals and 12 research stations with 
access to online resources. This is all housed in an 8,800 square foot 
space, with vaulted ceilings and comfortable reading areas.  It is a 
wonderful space for students to read and write stories and poetry, make 
class presentations, or put on a show in “Story Mountain,” a glass-enclosed 
space complete with a mini stage and floor seating.