Mrs. Drake's & Mrs. Batson's
Kindergarten Class

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Baggie Books

Beginning in September, your child will bring home an easy reader each Tuesday for homework.  She/He might be able to read a few words in it.  We do not expect your child to read it without flaws alone at the beginning.  You will read it together and then ask your child to “read” it back to you.  You will notice your child’s progress throughout the year and watch him/her learn to read these books alone. We will select books based on your child's current level and increase in difficulty as your child grows. By the end of the year, it should be leisure reading as opposed to a challenging experience.


As we begin, please remember:

-first read the book together

-then have your child read the book to you

-record the date, title and comments on the paper

-read the popcorn words list together

-put the book, paper and baggie on your child’s clipboard

-return everything on Wednesday

-enjoy this time together

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