Junior Advisory

2013-2014 Junior Advisory

Morgan Bookstaver

JB Bryant

Lara Campbell

Paige Fowler

Elena Gallegos

Erin Harrison

Bryan Hurt

Madi Inglett

Cory Lucas

Halle McPherson, co-chair

Victoria Mock

Sabrina Shutters

Rachel Simmons, co-chair

Kaley Turner, co-chair

JD Wright

Caroline Yano


Junior Advisory Activities and Events

March 4: After school meeting-job list, ticket sales. Plan a visit to Sacred Heart to look around.

April 1: After school meeting-invitation assembly and labeling.

April 2: Deliver invitations to senior homerooms and faculty members. Juniors do not receive invitations. As a member of J.A, you will J

April 15: After school meeting-finalize job list, discuss various items.

April 28-May 1: After school set up every day!!

April 30: Dinner at Wild Wings! 7 p.m.

May 1: Prom/SADD Assembly

May 2: Prom set-up. Report to Conference Room at the beginning of school. Head to Sacred Heart at 11 a.m. Prom 8-11. Clean up afterwards until everything is finished.

May 6: Unloading Day after school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEPHERD!!