Mrs. Gault

NAME: Brandy Gault

SCHOOL: Oakland Elementary

CLASS: 4th Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 814-3870 Ext:4406

All About Mrs. Gault

 I am so blessed to be at an AMAZING school like Oakland Elementary! This is 
my 3rd year teaching at 
Oakland and I have enjoyed every moment! 
I attended the University of South Carolina where I received a Bachelor's 
Degree in Elementary 
Education and I hope to soon begin my Master's Degree in Reading Education. I 
grew up and went to 
school in the Boiling Springs community. I married the love of my life in 
December 2012 and we reside in the Boiling Springs area.  I love EVERYTHING 
about my job, especially the wonderful fourth 
graders I get to spend time 
and work with each day! 

A Few FACTS About Mrs. Gault:

* She will be having a precious baby GIRL (Harper Klae Gault) this September
* She LOVES football, especially the GAMECOCKS!!! 

* She loves to read, especially at the beach during summer! 

* Her favorite food is chocolate chip pizza from Pizza Inn..YUM!!

* Her favorite snack is ANYTHING sour...especially Sour Patch Kids...YUM!!!

* She loves teaching SO much that she teaches grades K-6 on Wednesday nights 
and every Sunday at 
Life Changers Outreach Center. 

*She enjoys reading books by Patricia Polacco to her 4th graders and books by 
Jodi Picoult to herself.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is 
Youer than You.” 
― Dr. Seuss,