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1.   Each one of will become an expert on one type of severe weather.  The head meteorologist, (your teacher), will assign you a type of weather and your job is to find out what your type of weather is and how it is formed, how much damage it does and costs, safety precautions to take, and the biggest recorded storm of that nature.








2.  As you are doing your research, you will record the information on a Severe Weather recording sheet.  Click on your job below to get your record sheet. When you are ready to come back to this page hit the "Back" button.


Hurricane Expert

Tornado Expert

Flood Expert

Blizzard Expert


3.  Now you are ready to research!  When you are finished, meet back here you’re your group. Here are some links to help you along. When you are ready to come back to this page, hit the "Back" button.


Weather Wiz Kids

Popular Mechanics


4. Now that you have become an expert on your weather condition, you need to  share this with the members of your group.  After sharing, your group must decide which state our business should move to.  Please take into consideration that we are looking for a place where the weather does the least amount of damage and we can prepare for with safety precautions.


                    Florida – Hurricanes

                    Texas – Tornados

                    California – Floods

                    New York – Blizzards


5. Now that you have decided, you must design a poster to present to the company.  The poster must include what the weather is, amount of damage and cost, safety precautions, and biggest recorded storm(s).  Remember to include pictures! Do your best work because it will be graded. You will also receive a group grade based on how well your group works together.


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