Greetings Math 104 fans! I have posted a couple of items: the syllabus, office hours (updated and different from syllabus), and folders for each class chapter.

Chapter folders will contain copies of class presentations and chapter practice tests and solutions (in PDF format).

The Chapter 1 folder has all the lessons loaded.  As we start a new chapter, lessons will be loaded into the respective chapter folder.

It will be to your advantage to use this website.  As we progress through the course, I will put useful information inside the folders on the left margin.

The last tab on the left "LiveBinders - Math 104" contains electronic portfolios with instructional videos on selected topics.


I will pass out a double-homework handout during the Friday, 11/7, Chapter 5 test.  This homework assignment is due Wednesday, 11/12/14.  If you misplace the handout I gave you, you may download an additional copy from the Chapter 5 folder, "Chapter 5 Regression Homework".