Welcome to my website!
I am looking forward to spending another action-packed year with your sons and daughters
in my Arts Education classes!

I run the extracurricular Theatre Troupe (check the menu to the left) which rehearses after school and
stages evening performances.

Another extracurricular club I am plan to start this year is a Cooking Club. This will likely take place after school as well, and will include a user fee -- as we will be needing groceries and eating what we make. Watch for announcements here, on the school website, & in the school newsletter.


Arts Education includes 4 'strands' which are: Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and Dance. We will cover all of the strands but my areas of expertise are Visual Arts and Drama so you will notice extra emphasis on those strands.

Information about Sketchbooks can be found on the Supplies List page and the FAQ page.

If you ever have questions about what your child is doing in Arts Ed, don't hesitate to contact me... you can call the school [on day 2, day 3 pm, day 4 am, & day 5 pm] or send me an email at