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Loser by Jerry Spinelli

It's about a kid named Zinkoff. He doesn't think he's a loser. Neither do 
his parents. Or a couple of his teachers. But many of his schoolmates think 
that's what he is. They see a kid who never seems to win at anything — 
grades, races, you name it.  This kid's got a Ph.D. in failure. 

So — big surprise — that's how they label him: "Loser." 

We will learn how the different characters in the book view Zinkoff. How 
does Zinkoff view himself? But is it really that simple? Is that all there 
is to Zinkoff? 

Two questions this story wants you to think about are these: What really 
makes a loser? And a winner?

As we read the novel, we will discover the answers to these questions and 

So, lets get started.  Click on Task.

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