About The Counselor

COUNSELOR: Edna London


SCHOOL: Cornersville High School

PHONE AND FAX: 931-246-4170 FAX: 931-246-4153

About The Counselor

 Mrs. London has been the school counselor at Cornersville High School for 
six years.  She received her Master of Education in School Counseling from 
Middle Tennessee State University, Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from 
Mississippi State University, and Certificate from Columbia International 
University at Columbia, South Carolina. She and her husband live in 
Lewisburg and have three children who all graduated from Marshall County 

Mission Of The Department

 School counselors work with students, families, communities, faculties and 
staff to address issues that have a substantial impact on students' 
academic, personal/social and career development. Serving as leaders and 
advocates, they work collaboratively to provide services in a proactive, 
developmental and preventative manner.