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Policies and Regulations

               Maryville First Baptist Nursery School

Welcome!  We would like to thank you for choosing MFBN and assure you that we 
are committed to all families enrolled.  Our commitment is that your child 
receives quality and loving care while in attendance from each staff member. 

We hope you will find this information helpful and assist you as you become 
familiar with our policies and operating procedures.  We suggest you keep 
this handbook for reference throughout the year.  If at any time you have 
questions or concerns please feel free to call or stop by the office.  

Staff is certified in CPR, First Aid and receives a minimum of 18 hours 
training each year in a variety of child related areas.  The director 
receives a minimum of 20 hours training annually.  The center is licensed by 
the Tennessee Department of Human Services and evaluated annually in addition 
to a minimum of two unannounced visits each year. Unannounced inspections are 
conducted annually by the state and local health and fire officials.

Those of any religion race or with a disability are welcome.  The purpose of 
MFBN is to provide each child quality supervision and educational experiences 
in keeping with the standards of a Christian Nursery School.  Each child will 
be treated as an individual.  He/she will have the opportunity to cultivate 
positive attitudes and feelings, to express themselves creatively, to become 
more independent, and to use a variety of materials and equipment in a 
comfortable Christian environment.

Center operates on the schedule of the public schools, Monday - Friday 7:00 
am - 4:30 pm during the school year and Thursday and Friday (same hours) 
during summer break. Our goal is to be available for your child care needs 
based on Maryville and Blount County School calendar.  Should there be a 
variance in schedules we strive to accommodate both.  In order to accomplish 
this payment is required for all days the center is open during breaks.  The 
following holidays / breaks are observed.  

Labor Day
Fall Break (abbreviated)
Thanksgiving Day and the following day
Christmas Break   (abbreviated)
Martin Luther King Day
Spring Break (abbreviated)
Good Friday
Memorial Day (if school is in session)
4th of July (Thursday or Friday)

*Center is open on public teacher in-service days and Administrative days.

Your child’s safety is top priority at MFBN.  All entrance doors remain 
locked throughout the day.  Parents and staff are provided a code allowing 
entry to the center.  Please be selective about giving this code to others; 
only give to those who regularly pick up your child. Our phone number is 
posted at each door if assistance is needed.  We ask that you do not provide 
entry to anyone who does not know the code unless you know them personally or 
have regularly observed them in the center. We do not want to assist 
unauthorized people to have access to the children.  Children can only be 
released to authorized persons.  Identification will be required to anyone 
other than the parent or guardian.

Enrollment is open to all children ages 6 week through 6 years.  All required 
forms must be completed and submitted and updated annually before a child is 
allowed to attend.  Medical reports, emergency contact, and pickup 
information must be current at all times; this is the responsibility of the 
parent or guardian. The first week’s tuition and registration fee is due upon 
enrollment.  Your child’s spot is not secured until we have received these 
fees. Registration and tuition will be forfeited if child does not attend as 
agreed upon. Registration fee at enrolment is $25.00 per child.  The 
following years a $20.00 registration fee per child or maximum of $40.00 per 
family will be added to each account the first week of the new school year.

Credit can be extended for thirty days only, allowing you to pay at your most 
convenient time of the month.  Accounts that carry a balance over thirty days 
are subject to be charged a late fee of $10.00 weekly and possibly 
dismissal.  If you should experience a temporary financial problem during the 
year please make the Director aware and if possible a payment arrangement 
will be made.  The center operates as non profit, prompt payment of all 
accounts large or small greatly affect our operating budget.  Delinquent 
accounts will be placed with a local collection agency or seek assistance 
from the court.  Parent/ Guardian is responsible for all collection cost 

Admission will be granted on the basis of availability.  Families currently 
enrolled have priority when a space becomes available.  Space is given by the 
date a request is added to the waiting list not by seniority, the child’s age 
is also considered.  There is no charge or obligation to be placed on the 
waiting list.  Parents /Guardians will be notified when a space becomes 
available.  Tuition will be charged within 1 week of the available date or 
space will be forfeited and the next person will be contacted.  We suggest 
those on the waiting list call occasionally to update their request. 

The side drive along Cate Street or front circle entrance are the preferred 
entrance sites. Please use this area only for drop off and pick up.   Parking 
is also available in front of the small playground; be sure to pull up far 
enough to prevent the rear of your car from blocking the side driveway.  Cars 
turning right from Cate Street Street are unable to do so if the back of a 
car is extending out. If you are going to be at the church longer than 10 
minutes or need to leave your car for the day you may park in the church 
parking lot.  

Children must be escorted to the location of their classmates (classroom, 
playground, gym, etc).  Be sure the teacher is aware of your child’s 
presence.  Always keep your child with you at all times before taking them to 
their class and after removing them from their class when picking up.  It is 
the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children during times of 
arrival and departure. Children are not allowed to wander into other 
classrooms. Furnishings and equipment have been cleaned and organized for the 
next day.  Siblings of infants and toddlers should remain at the door while 
parents drop off or pick up.  This is a safety and health hazard, please be 
considerate of the teacher and the children in her care.

All children must be signed in and out daily; failure to do so is a critical 
violation for the center. Children can be dropped off or picked up between 
the hours of 7:00 am - 4:30 pm.
A fee of $10.00 for the first 15 minutes and $1.00 per minute beyond 4:45 pm 
will be charged for each child after this time.   The appropriate late fee 
should be paid to the staff person on duty at time of pick up.  If you are 
financially unprepared, the fee will be added to your account; staff member 
will be compensated at their next pay period.  

*We ask that every effort be made to follow operating hours as a courtesy to 
all children and staff.  Separation can be stressful for both the parent and 
the child, especially at the beginning of school   Please help us make this 
time easier for everyone by adhering to the following guidelines:
	Do not attempt to sneak out without saying goodbye to your child.
	Give your child a good-bye kiss and explain that it is time for you 
to leave but you 	will return.
	As difficult as it can be, make your goodbyes short and sweet, even 
if your child 
	is crying.  The longer you delay, the longer the child will cry.
	Do not linger after you have said good-bye, this can be confusing and 
prolong the 	crying.
Teachers are trained to handle these difficult, but normal occurrences.  They 
will comfort them and involve him /her in an activity.  Most often, your 
child will stop crying before you return to your car. 
Don’t forget we are only a phone call away, feel free to call and check on 
your child anytime you have a concern.

In the event of inclement weather the center follows the schedule of the 
Maryville School system.  If schools cancel before opening, center will not 
be open.  However, if schools delay opening due to extreme road conditions we 
will follow their time schedule.  If schools are delayed by one hour, center 
would open at 8:00 a.m. rather than 7:00.  Should it become necessary to 
close early during the day we ask that you pick up your child as soon as your 
schedule permits? There are no refunds for emergency closings.  Tuition is 
not charged when inclement weather forces the center to not operate.

Children will only be released to those listed on their Authorization and 
Consent Form.  Identification is required of any person picking up a child.  
Forms are available on the counter in the infant hallway if you need to 
designate someone not on record.  In the event of a discrepancy, the child 
will be detained until the Director can contact the parent by telephone.  Any 
temporary change in a child’s pick up is only applicable for the date(s) 
listed on Temporary Pick Up Form. 

Parents should have alternate care available in the event illness should 
occur. We are unable to provide care for children who are or become ill 
during the day.  Examples that require exclusion from the center (but not 
limited to).

	Under arm temperature of 100 degrees or more
	Loose stools not contained in the diaper
	Persistent diarrhea
	Conjunctivitis (pink eye) 
	Vomiting 2 or more times in previous 24 hour period 
	Had lice, scabies or other parasite infection
	Strep Throat 

 Any time a child shows signs of illness and is unable to participate in 
classroom activities or compromise the health and safety of others.

If a child should become ill; parent or emergency contact person will be 
notified and expected to pick the child up within one hour.

Whenever possible, we ask that medication be given at home. We understand 
this is not always possible.  Permission forms are available on the counter 
in the infant/toddler hallway and on the center website.   

The following policy applies.

Prescription and over the counter medication can be given only with written 
permission and complete instructions.  

All medication must be in the original container and labeled with the child’s 
name, name of medication, recommended dosage, expiration date, and time.  
Parents can not pre-measure or bring an individual dose or vial for staff to 
administer.   Medication can not be given if labeled or prescribed for 
another person.  Permission forms must be completed weekly except diaper 
cream and sunscreen.  Permission form must be completed every three months 
for these items.  Parents are required to sign verifying that medicine has 
been returned to them at the end of the day.  *Breathing treatments can only 
be given one time daily, if needed in the morning treatment should be given 
at home before arriving.   The Director and Assistant have classroom duty 
during morning drop off.  Individual vials of medication cannot be accepted; 
medication must be in the original box and not expired; this includes 
medication or saline used for breathing treatments.

Medication can be given between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.; time 
must be specific cannot state “as needed”. Staff is not allowed to give 
medication without specific symptoms noted.  AS NEEDED IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, DHS 
will not allow staff to make the decision of when medication should be given.

Medication of any type can not be left in bags or cubbies it must be given to 
staff and stored in a locked cabinet or locked box in the refrigerator.

Discipline is often confused with punishment.  Discipline is teaching through 
example while punishment is negative reinforcement for behavior problems.  We 
prefer to use the positive approach when dealing with negative behavior and 
use as few no’s as possible.  However, when children continue to break rules 
or deliberately hurt another child we use time out or sit and watch.

If a child’s behavior becomes a problem that disrupts the classroom or child 
doesn’t adapt, after talking to the child and parents, the child may be 
dismissed.  MFBN reserves the right to not provide care to any child unable 
to participate in group activities or places others in danger.

No child shall be subject to physical corporal punishment, humiliated, 
frightened, verbally abused or denied food, rest or bathroom facilities.  
Children are not disciplined for toileting accidents, sleep habits, or food 
consumption.  Any violation of this discipline policy should be reported to 
the Director immediately.  

We realize that children have different eating habits and can be finicky 
eaters.  Parents must send a nutritious breakfast/lunch in a lunch box marked 
with the child’s name.   Staff has the ability to warm but not cook frozen 
foods or prepare pre packaged foods.   All food (mac n cheese, oatmeal, etc.) 
must be prepared at home.  If refrigeration is required an ice pack must be 
placed in lunch box for children in Toddler 3 (Ms. Lisa) and older).  Any 
item that requires warming should be stored in a labeled microwavable 
container.  Center provides snacks, 2% milk and apple juice.  If you choose 
to bring a drink from home it must be 100% juice or milk; snacks must be 
nutritious; no cookies, donuts, Little Debbie, etc.  The exception is an 
occasional birthday party or special activity. .

Toddler and preschool children have breakfast between 8:00 am and 8:30; if 
your child does not eat at home you will need to send food with them.  Lunch 
time is from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. children arriving after these times should 
eat prior to coming.

Infants are on individual schedules; be sure to keep teachers aware of any 
change in time or diet.  It is a good idea to always have extra food, formula 
or breast milk at the center; occasionally a bag will leak, expiration date 
has expired or food gets spilled.  If your child has a pacifier you may want 
to leave a back up in your child’s cubby, nap time can be rough without one.

No previously opened jars of food can be accepted; breast milk must be 
labeled and dated.  Food for infants that is opened at the center can be used 
the next day if it is not taken out of the center.   All food placed in a 
child’s cubby must be labeled with child’s name.   Food that has been opened, 
ate from the container or partially eaten (yogurt, canned fruit, sandwich, 
etc) cannot be returned to the lunch box.  Saliva from the mouth contaminates 
the food after opening.  

Birthdays are a special time and we enjoy celebrating with your child.  You 
are welcome to bring a special snack to share with classmates. Be sure to 
check with your child’s teacher concerning allergies.  Cookies and cake are 
acceptable for birthdays and special events.  Birthdays will be celebrated 
after nap at snack time.  If you choose to send party bags, please be sure 
there is a treat for every child in the class.  Birthday invitations for 
events occurring outside the center must be given to the teacher and she will 
discreetly place them in lunch boxes

If a child is in need of assistance in addition to what the teachers provide 
on a daily basis, the teacher will notify the Director.  A conference will be 
scheduled with the parent(s) to provide information about the concern and 
provide information about social service agencies in the area.  We will make 
every effort to lead parents in the correct direction for assistance. 

A change of clothing, depending on the age and ability of the child should be 
left at the center. Preschool children will need a tote bag for storing nap 
time blanket or security items, younger children‘s items will be put in their 

Children should only bring personal toys on designated days, a note will be 
sent home to make you aware of these days.  Please keep in mind that teachers 
cannot be responsible for loss or damage to items brought to school.  Toy 
guns and weapons of any type are not allowed.  

Children may bring books and G rated videos to share with the class; books 
and videos showing violence (wrestling, Ninja Turtles, Super Heroes, etc.) 
are not allowed.

Weather permitting all classrooms go outdoors daily. Individual schedules and 
mood determines how often and when infants leave their classroom, some days 
it may consist of strolling in the ByeBye Buggy through the hallways. Please 
dress your child in comfortable and appropriate clothing based on the 
weather; children need to run outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Keep in mind 
when shopping for school clothes; zippers, buttons and belts are difficult 
for young children to maneuver. Soft soled, closed toe shoes are the best 
choice for both indoor and outdoor play. Flip flops, sandals and crocs are 
cute and the children may love them especially girls but they are not a good 
choice for running and climbing. Often inappropriate shoes can be the cause 
of an accident.  Shoes of this type should not be worn at school.  I suggest 
that you tell your child “Ms. Judy said you cannot wear these shoes to 
school”, this keeps you from being the bad guy.  Children who are in Ms. 
Denise, Donna, Carol or Heather’s class have the opportunity to use the gym 
when outdoor play is not an option.  Church policy does not permit boots or 
hard soled shoes to be worn on basketball courts; soft soled shoes are 
required.   Children wearing shoes with hard soles or boots will not be able 
to participate in activities in the Family Life Center.  Children often paint 
and participate in messy projects; we suggest clothing be worn that can be 
easily cleaned.  This allows the children to be involved without being 
concerned about their clothes.


Licensing regulations require a rest time be provided daily for all 
children.  Children do not have to sleep, but will be expected to rest 
quietly and not disturb others.  You are welcome to send a blanket or small 
stuffed animal in a tote bag for your child to rest with.  Cots, sheets and 
blankets for warmth are provided and laundered by the center.
Your child may be ready for toilet training if they:
Tell you when he/she needs to be changed. 
Tell you when he/she is going in the diaper.
Shows an interest in the toilet.
Has a dry diaper for 2 or more hours and / or after naptime.

Toilet training should begin at home. However, when you decide to train your 
child, consistency is important.  When your child goes 2 weeks without an 
accident during the daytime they may begin wearing underwear to school.  
Please provide more extra clothing during this time of transition.  The 
teachers understand that children of all ages have accidents occasionally.  
They get preoccupied, do not allow enough time, the bathroom may be occupied 
when they decide they MUST go, etc. Staff is not allowed to rinse out soiled 
clothing; it will be placed in a plastic bag for you to take home.  Underwear 
that is soiled with feces will be disposed of unless you request they be sent 

Communication between parents and staff is extremely important. Please feel 
free to discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher or the 
Director.  It is not possible for you to have a long conversation with your 
child’s teacher at drop-off or pick-up as the teachers are responsible for 
supervising all children in their care. If you have a special concern, a 
meeting or phone conversation may be arranged. We provide many opportunities 
for parents to receive information about activities and events. Please do not 
socialize with teachers at drop off or pick up; they are required and 
expected to supervise the children at all times. 

Daily Reports:  A daily report is given to parents of infants and toddlers. 
This report provides information about meals, sleeping, toileting and the 
child’s overall mood for the day. It also alerts you to special activities in 
the classroom and the need for personal supplies.

Monthly Calendar:  Provided by the teacher the first week of each month for 
toddlers and preschoolers.  The calendar gives you classroom information, 
dates of activities and topics for the month.

Newsletter:  Provided by the Director to all families; keeping you up to date 
on upcoming events, closings, birth announcements, staff updates, etc.

Each family receives an invoice at the end of each month. 

By request of parents “Staff Likes and Dislikes” are available in the office.

Most recent newsletter, annual operating calendar, medication permission form 
and center policies and procedures are available on this site.

Annual parent conference, Open House and/or Family Picnic are offered during 
the school year.

If an emergency arises, the staff member in charge will evaluate the injury, 
if necessary emergency personnel will be summoned and parents will be 
contacted.  Staff will accompany the child if emergency transportation is 
required and remain with the child until parent arrives.  In the event 
neither parent can be reached the child’s physician will be contacted. It is 
essential that current information; contact #’s, physician name, personal 
phone number and address, any allergy or daily medication taken, signed 
emergency waivers and updated emergency contacts be updated and on file at 
all times..  Injury reports are placed in the child’s file and a copy will be 
given to the person picking up the child.
Should an accident or emergency occur involving the building or the 
surrounding area an Emergency Preparedness Plan is in place.  A copy is 
available upon request in each classroom and the office 

All staff is required by law to report any suspected sign of abuse and 
neglect to the local Department of Children Services or the Child 
Abuse/Neglect Hotline (1-877-237-0004). 

TUITION 7/25/2016

WEEKLY:  Full time 		           
Infant 1 - Toddler 3                  $150.00 
Preschool 1 - 5                       $140.00

SIBLING WEEKLY:                         
Infant 1 - Toddler 3                  $110.00
Preschool 1 - 5       	               $90.00

PART TIME:  Preschool only		
M W F		   	             $105.00
Tu Th                                 $70.00
PART TIME:  Preschool sibling        
 M W F                                $75.00
 Tu Th                                $50.00

Registration fee $25.00 per child at enrollment. 
Returning children $20.00 each or $40.00 per family will be due at beginning 
of new school year.

Two weeks notice is required if you should need to withdraw your child. If 
required notice is not given, you are responsible for the cost of two weeks 
MFBN reserves the right to discontinue service to a family if financial 
commitments are not met or if it becomes apparent the program is not equipped 
to meet the psychological or developmental needs of a child.  The 
staff/director will make every effort to resolve any problems prior to 
termination. When possible parents will be given ample time to find 
alternative care.  

Thank you for sharing your child and entrusting them in our care during your 
We are honored you chose Maryville First Baptist Nursery School for your 
child care needs


	August 2016

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