4/9/2010 Grades for the 4th 9 weeks have been uploaded.


Teacher Web Grades not working Properly.  

The web site that supports our on line grades is experiencing technical 
problems.  The company is working to correct the problem, but has not been 
able to provide a date for when the problem will be corrected.  I will 
continue to upload grades, but can not guarantee the accuracy of those 
grades.  The system keeps reverting to previou uploads.  

Should you have a question about grades, please email me at or have your student ask me.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.


Grades have been updated through January 29.  Please be aware that we have 
missed several days due to snow and MLK Day.  The classes that meet on those 
days will not have grades.  I have entered each day that the students should 
have been in class and indicated if school was not in session and why.


Grades have been uploaded and these will be the grades that will be reported 
on the student's report card.


Grades have been uploaded to include all grades through 12/11/2009.


Grades have been uploaded to include all grades through 11/24/2009.


Progress Reports and Grades.

Progress reports will be printed only for those students that have a grade of 
C- or less.  Progress reports will be sent home on Wednesday, 11/18/2009.

Grades have been uploaded are inclusive of all grades through Friday,