School Policies

Welcome to Greenbrier Middle School. The faculty and staff of GMS are 
dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and to making this year your 
best ever. This document was prepared as a ready source of information about 
policies and procedures at our school. We hope this will help you to 
understand better the GMS organization and how you can best enjoy all the 
benefits our school has to offer.
Parents are welcome at all times. All visitors are to register in the office 
upon arrival and receive a visitors pass. Unauthorized persons, including 
students from other schools, will be asked to leave and the police may be 
notified, if necessary. The building will be secured each day at 3:30 P.M. 
Students who stay after school should exit the building through the front 
door. No students should enter the building after 3:30 unless they are under 
the direct supervision of a teacher.
Students between the ages of seven and seventeen are required by law to 
attend school regularly. (TCA 49-6-01) County Board policy requires that 
reasons for absences or tardiness and request for early dismissals must be 
presented in writing or in person by the parents or guardians. The principal 
or his designee is responsible for checking all absences, tardies, and early 
dismissals and for determining whether they may be excused according to 
Board Policy. Students will be given the time equal to the number of days 
missed plus one day to make up work missed. It is the responsibility of the 
student or parent to initiate this privilege. Middle school students are 
mature enough to accept this responsibility. Excused absences shall include: 
1. Illness of student (after three consecutive days, or repeated absences, a 
note from a physician may be required); 2. Illness of a family member which 
required the students help at home; 3. Death of a family member; 4. Medical 
appointments which cannot be scheduled outside school time; 5. Religious 
holidays; (TCA 49-6-3005) 6. Circumstances which, in the judgment of the 
principal, create emergencies over which the student has no control. The 
following may be excused when a request is made in advance of the absence: 
1. Seasonal work in a family business; 2. Taking driverÕs test, college 
visitation, and military examination; 3. Applying for a job 4. Court 
appearances 5. Family vacations 
1. Written notes should be presented to the administrator/designee by 7:50 
on the day the student returns. The note will be kept on file in the office. 
2. Student will be issued an admittance slip verifying the absence as 
excused or unexcused. It is the responsibility of the student to show this 
to each teacher when he/she enters the class. 3. Student/Parents should call 
the homework hotline after 3:30 P.M. on the day of the absence to obtain 
class and homework information. Since this service is available, the student 
will be responsible for keeping up with the assignments missed and for 
asking the teacher for handouts, worksheets, etc. that are necessary to 
complete assignments. 4. Parents who wish to pick up textbooks may do so 
between 2:30 and 3:00 each day and may obtain information from teachers at 
that time. 5. Students who are absent from school may not return to school 
for a school function after dismissal.
Students must be in school from 7:55 A.M. to 2:55 P.M. Promptness to class 
is very important. Students are to be in their seats and ready to work when 
the bell sounds. Repeated tardiness interferes with the educational process 
of all students. Repeated tardiness will result in appropriate disciplinary 
After-school detention is the most effective disciplinary action available 
and is sanctioned by the Robertson County Board of Education. Detention 
helps students to understand that they are responsible for their actions and 
their choices. Detention may be assigned by any teacher for up to one hour 
per day. Detention notices are to be signed by the parent and presented to 
the detention supervisor at the time the detention is served. NO STUDENT 
GMS does not promote the use of corporal punishment; state law and local 
board policy permit its use. If corporal punishment is to be used, it must 
be done in private with a professional staff member witnessing. Due process 
must always be granted. Parents may submit to the homeroom teacher, for 
placement in the student's file, a letter requesting that corporal 
punishment not be used. An alternative form of discipline will be used. The 
student should always inform the teacher that the letter is on file. LOCKERS
Lockers are provided for the convenience of students, but they remain the 
property of Greenbrier Middle School and are subject to search at any time. 
A student may use only the assigned locker and should not share a locker 
unless assigned to do so. Each student is responsible for keeping the locker 
clean on the inside and out and for any damages resulting from abuse. Any 
locker malfunction should be reported to the homeroom teacher immediately. 
Students are cautioned to keep their lockers locked at all times and not to 
keep money or valuables in their lockers. The school cannot be responsible 
for property taken from a locker. Bookbags/backpacks and large oversized 
jackets should be kept in lockers during the school day. 
School phones will be used for emergencies only, due to illness or 
unavoidable situations. Calls will not be made for forgotten items, for 
extracurricular activities, or for permission.
Personal items, including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, radios, 
tape players, water guns, yo-yos, spray cans, hair spray, and noise makers, 
should never be brought to school and will be confiscated. These items will 
be tagged, and a claim ticket will be given to the student. The item will be 
placed in the school vault where it may be claimed by the parent at any 
time, or by the student on the last day of school. The claim ticket should 
be presented in order to reclaim the item. Any item that is confiscated a 
second time will not be returned until the last day of school. HEALTH/SAFETY
When students become ill at school, individual attention will be given and 
parents will be notified. The safety and well-being of our students is a 
prime concern. Students are expected to use good judgment and to follow 
safety rules at all times. Horseplay, running, shoving, throwing objects, 
and other potentially dangerous activities cannot be allowed. Students 
should cross the street ONLY at the crossing guard. All traffic safety rules 
will be followed. Students entering the building before 7:40 A.M. should 
enter only through the gym. Parents should pick up students in the front 
drive or in the back parking lot. No cars will be allowed in the bus loading 
area between 2:45 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. The connecting drive between the high 
school and the middle school will be used by buses between the hours of 7:00 
A.M. and 8:00 A.M. and between 2:45 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. Students are not to 
leave school with anyone unless a note from the parent granting permission 
has been reviewed by the principal. Bicycles are allowed on campus; however, 
skateboards are not. Students may not drive cars to school. All students of 
GMS are discouraged and instructed not to engage in door-to-door 
solicitations when involved in school board fund raisers.
Refreshments are available from time to time for the students. Students may 
not bring beverages to school unless requested by the teacher. Individual 
containers with twist-off caps should not be brought to school.
Lunch will be provided each day for a nominal fee. This year, lunches will 
cost $2.05; breakfast, $1.45; extra milk, $.35. Only students who purchase a 
lunch at school or bring a lunch from home will be allowed to purchase ice 
cream,chips, candy, etc. No competitive foods may be sold at school. No 
competitive foods may be delivered to school for consumption by a student in 
the cafeteria. All ala-carte items (pizza, ice cream, etc.) must be paid for 
with cash. These items will not be purchased through the computer account. 
Occasionally, students will need to charge a meal for some unavoidable 
reason. We do not expect any student to be without a balanced meal at lunch. 
A student may obtain a charge ticket from a cafeteria monitor. The charge 
must be paid the next day and no further charges can be made until the 
charge is paid unless the parent had made arrangements with the office. Some 
students repeatedly ask to charge lunches. This habit does not promote 
responsibility and dependability. We will contact the parents of students 
who do not use this privilege wisely. A student cannot purchase a ticket for 
a school dance or attend a school dance until all charges are paid. In the 
cafeteria, students are expected to use good manners and to leave the 
cafeteria clean. No food, straws, beverages, etc. may be taken from the 
cafeteria. Students may not leave the cafeteria during lunch time unless 
they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. Students will........ 
*refrain from cutting line *have money ready to give cashier along with 
their computer number *sit in designated seat and stay seated until 
dismissal *put all food/trash in designated places *clean around his/her 
area *talk quietly only to students sitting close BUSES
Students who come to school by bus must leave by bus unless the principal 
receives a note signed by the parent granting permission to leave in some 
other manner. At no time will a student be allowed to leave campus and catch 
a bus at another point or to return to campus to a catch a bus. Students who 
need to ride a different bus must bring a note from the parents to the 
office by 7:55 A.M. to be signed by the principal/designee. If students are 
going home with someone, both students must bring a note and get it signed 
in the office by 7:55 A.M. No student will be allowed to board a bus without 
the signed note. Students should go directly to the bus when school is 
dismissed. Students will not be allowed to board the buses when they are 
coming back through the campus from the high school. Riding a bus is a 
privilege which we take seriously. Improper conduct on a bus will result in 
that privilege being denied. A copy of Robertson County bus rules is given 
to each student at the beginning of each year and copies may be obtained 
from the principalÕs office at any time.
In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, 
drug paraphernalia, violence and dangerous weapons, any student who engages 
in the following behaviors will be subject to suspension for a period of not 
less than one (1) calendar year. The director of schools shall have the 
authority to modify this suspension requirement on a case-by-case basis. 
Zero-tolerance acts are as follows: 1. Students who bring or possess a 
narcotic or stimulant drug, (including alcohol or marijuana), drug 
paraphernalia, or a dangerous weapon onto school property or while attending 
any school event or activity. 2. Any student who, while on a school bus, on 
school property or while attending any school event or activity: (a) is 
under the influence of a narcotic or stimulant drug, (including alcohol or 
marijuana); or (b) possesses a narcotic or stimulant drug, (including 
alcohol or marijuana), drug paraphernalia, or dangerous weapon; or (c) 
assaults or threatens to assault a teacher, student, or other person. 
The Board shall operate an Alternative School Program for students in grades 
4 - 12 who have been suspended or expelled from regular school programs. 
Attendance in alternative school programs shall be mandatory and students 
attending the alternative school shall provide their own transportation. 
Placement in the alternative school will be determined by the Discipline 
Hearing Authority with Board Approval. The principal's recommendation will 
be given consideration by the DHA. 
In-school suspension is used to remove disruptive students from the 
classroom or when the situation warrants more than after-school detention. 
Students in in-school will be counted present. Students are responsible for 
having the work missed in the regular class completed on the first day back 
in class. Students will be given special assignments to be done during in-
school. Failure to cooperate in in-school will result in out-of-school 
suspension. Out-of-school suspension is used for serious offenses, 
deliberate disobedience, repeated misconduct, or refusal to accept other 
discipline. Parental cooperation and assistance are necessary if this 
measure is to be effective. Suspension from school is effective only if 
sanctions at home are sufficient to reinforce the seriousness of the 
situation. Students with continuous patterns of misconduct may be taken 
before the counts Discipline Hearing Authority of the Robertson County Board 
of Education. 
Any student who intentionally sells, gives, possesses, uses, or is under the 
influence of illicit drugs, narcotics, alcohol or tobacco on school 
property, including buses, shall be disciplined according to the 
drug/tobacco policies of the Robertson County Board of Education. WEAPONS 
The possession of any weapon or items commonly used as weapons, including 
but not limited to guns and knives is prohibited by law. The policies 
adopted by Robertson County Board of Education will be followed.
All students in Robertson County receive report cards each nine weeks on a 
standardized date. Report cards should be signed and returned to the 
homeroom teacher within two days. All communications about grades should be 
made directly with the teacher of the subject or with the homeroom teacher. 
At the end of this booklet are the current reporting days for the 2004-2005 
school year.
GMS uses the grading scale established by the Robertson County Board of 
Education. 93-100 A 85-92 B 75-84 C 70-74 D 73-70 U To be included on the A 
honor roll, a student must have no grade lower than an A. To be included on 
the A/B honor roll, a student must have no grade lower than a B.
Students will normally progress annually in sequential order from grade to 
grade. The professional staff will place students at the grade level best 
suited to them academically, socially, and emotionally. Retentions may be 
made when, in the judgment of the teacher, such retentions are in the best 
interest of the students. Decisions to retain are subject to review and 
approval of the principal after consultation with the teacher.
School insurance is available to all students, but it is optional. A form is 
available on the first day of classes. Students may obtain insurance at any 
time during the year. All students who participate in any athletic 
competition, including cheerleading, must show evidence of insurance 
Requests for early dismissal of a student during the school day shall be 
made in writing or in person by the parent or guardian and should state the 
time the student will be leaving. Notes must be approved by the office by 
7:55 A.M. Early dismissals will be excused for the same reasons as absences. 
Under no circumstances are students to leave school without permission and 
an adult signing him/her out in the office. School dances will be over at a 
specified time. If a student is to leave the dance before its conclusion, 
they must bring a note the morning of the dance and be signed out by an 
authorized person.
Students will be expected to keep themselves well groomed and neatly 
dressed. Any form of dress, hairstyle, or decoration which is distractive or 
disruptive in appearance and is detrimental to the purpose of conduct of the 
school will not be permitted. Skirts, shorts, or pants may be no shorter 
than below the fingertips with the arms extended to the side. Sagging pants 
and pajamas will not be tolerated. All pants should be worn at the waist 
line at all times. A belt must be worn if belt loops are present. The entire 
trunk of the body must be covered. Shirts that do not cover the entire 
midriff are not permitted. No clothing or other articles will be permitted 
which promote the use of violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or other 
substances illegal to minors. Excessive necklaces or heavy chains or spike 
jewelery are not permitted and will be confiscated if worn to school. 
Obscene or suggestive slogans, symbols, or pictures will not be permitted. 
Tank tops and spaghetti strapped shirts are prohibited. Oversized shirts 
will have to be tucked in. Sleeveless shirts are permissible if the sleeve 
opening is not excessively large or revealing. Parents are asked to please 
help the school screen attire and to counsel students on appropriate school 
attire. Students who come to school improperly attired will be given the 
opportunity to: 1. change into appropriate clothes provided by the office 2. 
call parents to bring clothes 3. stay in isolation for the day 4. multiple 
violations will result in suspension Students who leave school to change 
into appropriate attire will not be given an excused absence for the time 
Our school building, equipment and textbooks cost the taxpayers a great deal 
and replacement is difficult. Students who deface or destroy school property 
will be required to pay for the loss or damage. If students willfully 
destroy school property, disciplinary action will be taken and students will 
be required to repair and/or replace the damaged item. Accidents do happen 
and if something is accidentally damaged, it should be reported to a teacher 
immediately. Failure to report an accident may be considered deliberate 
vandalism. Students should do their part to maintain a clean and orderly 
environment. Students are expected to leave classrooms and restrooms clean 
and to use trash receptacles inside and outside the building. 
Students will use the restrooms assigned to their grade level and should at 
no time be in the restrooms on another hall. Restrooms will be monitored. 
Middle school is a time of transition from childhood to adolescence. We 
expect students to begin to exercise self-control and self discipline and to 
need less school time for discipline and instruction in proper conduct. It 
is our intent to operate a safe, orderly, and productive educational program 
and to concentrate on instruction. Our goal is to be firm, fair, and 
consistent in establishing and enforcing our policies. Discipline at school 
can be effective only if there is a strong cooperative relationship between 
the home and the school. Every effort is made to be fair and consistent. 
Parents are encouraged to counsel with students about behavior and to 
support as best they can the efforts of the school to help students control 
their own behavior. Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever 
there is a question concerning regulations, misconduct, or disciplinary 
action. The Robertson County Board of Education and the schools administered 
by the board comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which 
provides that Òno person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, 
color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the 
benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity 
receiving Federal financial assistance.
We are fortunate at GMS to have a PTSO to work for the good of the school. 
They have been very beneficial to the funding for different programs with 
which the school is involved. Your participation in this organization will 
ensure its productivity and growth. We would like to encourage each of you 
to join this very worthwhile organization.
Robertson County Schools has adopted a new medication policy. GMS must 
adhere to these procedures for students requiring medication at school. No 
medication of any kind shall be administered to students by any school 
personnel except when medication must be given during school hours in order 
for the student to remain in school. 1. Any other over-the-counter 
medication must be brought to school in a factory sealed container and must 
be accompanied by a written request from a parent/guardian. 2. Any student 
who may need prescription medication during the school hours must pick up a 
form at school to be filled out by the physician and returned to school 
prior to administration of said medication. This medication must be in a 
pharmacy labeled bottle. All medications will be kept with the school nurse, 
except emergency medications ( i.e. bee sting kits, inhalers, etc.). These 
medications should be in possession of student or the person responsible for 
the student. Student possession of any form of medication or substance 
purported to be a medication that has been checked into the principalÕs 
office is strictly forbidden and may be subject to disciplinary action. 
Disposal of Old or Unused Medicines The parent must pick up remaining or 
unused medication, or it will be ÒflushedÓ at the end of the school year. 
Change in Regular Transportation Occasionally situations arise that require 
GMS students to dismiss with other GMS students. Whenever a student will be 
using transportation other than their normal routine, (such as riding home 
in a car or a bus with another student) each student involved will require a 
note from their parent giving permission. This note should be presented to 
GMS administration/designee by 7:55 A.M. on the day of the change. 
Students in grades 7-12 may possess a cellular telephone in school, on 
school property, at after-school activities and at school-related functions 
for use in emergencies or unforeseen situations. During school hours and on 
the school bus, the cellular telephone must remain turned off and concealed.
Violations of this poicy may result in confiscation of the cellular 
telephone and consequences as outlined in the Student Discipline Policy 
JCC.  The item will be placed in the school vault where it may be claimed by 
the parent at any time, or by the student the last day of school.  Any item 
that is confiscated a second time will not be returned until the last day of 
school. (Exception cell phones) 2nd offense for cell phone violation will 
result in cell phone confiscation for 1 week.  3rd offense will result in 1 
month confiscation, and 4th offense will result in confiscation until the 
end of the school year.  Possession of a cellular telephone is a privilege 
that may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the terms of this 
policy.  The student who possesses a cellular telephone shall assume 
responsibility for its use and care. At no time shall the school be 
responsible for preventing theft, loss or damage to phones that are brought 
on school property.
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