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Welcome to our school!

At Kingston Elementary, our vision is to prepare students to become independent, productive citizens.

KES Motto:

Bee Ready
Bee Responsible
Bee Respectful

District School Board Members:

Hugh Melvin Johnson
310 Woodlawn Dr.
Kingston, TN 37763
(865) 376-9433
District: (5 & 6) Kingston
Term Expires: 2012

Rob Jago
600 Calvin St.
Kingston, TN 37763
(865) 376-4549
District: (5 & 6) Kingston
Term Expires: 2012

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The Vision at Kingston Elementary is to prepare students to become independent, productive citizens.

Mrs. Shelia Sitzlar

KES Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide all students with a safe and caring environment in which they can experience success academically and socially in partnership with parents and the community.


1. Every child is unique and deserves respect.
2. Every child will respect themselves and appreciate the individual differences of others.
3. Every child deserves a teacher who will provide meaningful and challenging activities that are data driven.
4. Every child will be given the opportunity to achieve the goals established in the Tennessee Standards for all content areas.


KES School Improvement Goals

1. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the students will achieve proficient or advanced in math and reading.
2. Decrease the number of students identified as at-risk in Kindergarten - second grade in reading by 10%.

Federal Law: No Child Left Behind

There are provisions under new Federal Guidelines to ensure all children are provided a quality education. Under these guidelines all children will be held to the same standard of achievement. All parents are encouraged to actively participate in their children’s education. If a school does not meet established criteria, remedial action will be put in place as detailed in the guidelines. Parents will be notified if remedial processes are implemented.


Go to our links page to view a new state website designed to help gain understanding of the common core curriculum standards and to increase expectations for learning

5/13 &14/2013

Water Day - a SWPBS Merit Event. Any student having 80% of their merits for the 4th grading period may participate.
13th - K/1 and 4/5 grades
14th - 2/3 grades

5/15 - 17 /2013

KES Field Days - directed by the PE department:
15th - grades 5 and 4
16th - grades 3 and kindergarten
17th - grades 2 and 1

Be sure your child dresses for an extended time outside, and ready for races and games involving a lot of moving. Your child should have a water bottle to use the day they attend with their name (first and last) written on it. Hats, towels, and any personal item must have names on them.


Music Programs:
First Grade - 9:00
Kindergarten - 10:00

5/20 - 21/2013

Award Programs:
May 20th - 4th grade
May 21st - 3 grade at 9:00
May 21st - 5th grade at 6:00 pm


Promotion Day

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