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AP Biology summer work

AP Biology – Summer Assignment

On the 2nd day of the new school year, you will have a test on cells.
This will be your first test grade.
** The goal sheet emphasizes what you need to know for the topic.

Leaning goals for cells

1. Be able to identify the organelle and its function- given a picture or description

2. Know the differences and similarities between prokaroytes and eukaryotes

3. Be able to discuss how the structure of the organelles fit their function

4. If a organelle structure is changed, be able to explain the consequence to the organism. Ex: no mitochondria, no ATP (correct answer is NOT “it is going to die”)

5. Be able to group the organelles with similar characteristic- example: organelle with DNA = nucleus, centrioles, mitochondria, chloroplast

It is highly recommended that you buy Cliffs AP Biology, 4th or 5th edition by Phillip E Pack (used copy on amazon is cheaper). The cliffs notes has the material for the goals stated above. 

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