May 22-26, 2017

Hello Fabulous 4th grade parents,

Welcome back. This is our final week of the school year! We all survived! I know that you are excited. We will test on chapter 12 Tuesday/tomorrow (as stated last week). Students have a practice test to complete tonight. This will be another busy week filled with, final tests, a field trip, cleaning out crates and seat sacks. As we prepare for the year to close, I hope everyone has a great summer. May it be the greatest summer break ever. I am looking to see great things from all of my students in the future. They are now one step closer to Destination 2025!

The following information was put together by Mrs. Cornelius. It applies to all 4th graders.

Field Trip

The bus is scheduled to leave the school at 7:30am Wednesday morning.  We need students to start arriving at school at 7:00am.  We will not wait on students that are late.  I will be marking students off as they arrive and assigning them to a bus.  We are scheduled to be back at the school about 5:30pm. Please stay close to your phone and email, as I will be sending out texts and emails about when we should be home.  This is a great day, but a long one.  Please be on time for pick up.
Fidgets - Mr. Certion came to our room on Friday and announced that fidget spinners are no longer allowed at school... not in pockets, backpacks, desks, nothing.  Students are distracted by them, they are getting traded and stolen, causing much more of a problem than they were originally designed.  If anyone brings a fidget to school, it will be taken up, and a parent will have to come to school to get it.  Mrs. McNary also made this announcement over the intercom, so all students should be aware of this new rule.  Thank you for your help! 

Last Day of School Fun

On Friday we will have some end of the year fun.  The 4th grade classes will be rotating to each homeroom for a fun activity.  Each room will have something different planned.  We will stay in each room for about 20 minutes, and then switch.  The plan is to be back in our homerooms by 10:30 so that we can eat.  We will eat from 10:30-11, and then begin clean up.  School dismisses at 11:30 on Friday.  Parents are welcome to stop by and be a part of our fun morning.

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Let's have a great last week of school!

Jeanine Jones
4th Grade Teacher
Richland Elementary
Memphis, TN 38120
Fourth Grade Hollywood Stars
Destination 2025 Bound!