TCAP Test Prep

TCAP Test Prep IMPORTANT!!!! There is a GREAT TCAP practice resource online. The website is created by the same company that creates the TCAP test. It has online practice tests in reading, math, science, and social studies. This resource is super valuable in preparing your child for TCAP. To access: Click on “Tennessee” Click on “Support” Find “Resource Categories—ePats” Click on “Achievement” Pick the test you would like your child to work on. Your child will have to enter his/her first name. Upon completing the questions, your child will be scored. **It would be very beneficial to have your child work on this website! Another great site:
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Test Taking Tips! Here are a few tips to help out during test week: 1.) Be sure that your child gets a good night's sleep. Going to bed at 10 PM is not a good night's sleep! Your child should be getting a minimum of 8 hours of good rest per night. 2.) Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast each morning. Sugary cereals/pastries give students short-lived energy. They will be tired mid-morning during our test! Greasy breakfasts combined with normal test anxiety lead to upset stomachs. 3.) Keep to your normal daily routine. Rushing around in the morning or having to take care of a random situation can throw your child's day for a loop. Routine is key during TCAP week! 4.) Make sure your child has at least 2 sharpened pencils with good erasers. 5.) If your child wears glasses, please make sure he/she has them each morning. 6.) Come to school ON TIME! Once testing begins, your child will NOT be allowed to enter the classroom. They will have to wait in the office and take the test during make-up sessions. 7.) Try to come to school EVERYDAY! Making up the test in another classroom with another teacher and unfamiliar students can lead to more anxiety. Obviously, if your child is sick, please keep them at home as to not spread it to other students. 8.) Encourage your child to try their best! This test is very important! Students should be ready for it and want to do well. Careful not to create unnecessary testing anxiety. 9.) Remind your child to READ EVERY SINGLE WORD ON EVERY PAGE!!!!! The silliest mistakes are often attributed to students NOT reading directions and assuming they know what to do. Standardized tests are notorious for often changing directions to create such careless mistakes. 10.) In reading, remind your child to actually READ the entire passage before answering the questions. Many questions are inference questions that are not found in the text. They require that students read the entire story and use prior knowledge to draw conclusions. 11.) Remind your child to NEVER SKIP questions! If they are unsure, they should answer the question lightly and move on to the next one. They can always return to the question later if time permits. Skipping questions almost always leads to incorrect bubbling on the answer sheet which can destroy a student's score! 12.) Remind your child to use the process of elimination to answer questions. Often times, there are 2 good answers, but one is always better than the other. 13.) Remind your child to go back and CHECK THEIR WORK if they finish early. I tell students this step just about every day. Very few students actually go back to check their work. They are unable to do anything else during TCAP week (no reading books, no drawing, no talking, etc.). Checking over their work is a good idea! 14.) Remind your child that this is their week to SHINE! They have to opportunity to show how much they have learned this year! I am confident that each child has the potential of doing AWESOME!